Multilingual Slider Revolution & WPML Competition

Show us your multilingual creations using Slider Revolution & WPML and win licenses/renewals for both plugins.

This competition has ended!

Thanks to everyone for participating. We will announce the winners in a separate blog post shortly.

The competition rules

Submit a Slider Revolution module (slider, carousel or hero) which also uses the WPML plugin for multilingual capabilities.

We are accepting submissions until the 15th of January 2021.
In the week after we will select 3 winners amongst the best submissions!

What can I win?

The 3 winners will each receive a package of 2 licenses:

How to participate?

In order to participate in this competition, leave a reply on this blog post or the post on the WPML blog including the following information:

  • A short description of your project
  • The URL to the website where we can see your live Slider Revolution & WPML module
  • Your name and email address so we can contact you if you are amongst the winners

Some tips on getting started

If you have never created a multilingual Slider Revolution module before, here are some helpful links:

Good luck everyone!

Multilingual Slider Revolution & WPML Competition

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28 thoughts on “Multilingual Slider Revolution & WPML Competition

  1. LiveTube – the world’s first curated live platform. Everyone with a smartphone can send a live stream and get paid for their filming.
    (two sliders multilingual in 7 languages. One at the top of the page. One in the middle of the page.)

    LiveTube Ltd.
    86-90 Paul Street
    London, EC2A 4NE

  2. Project Details:
    “Kırmızıgül Kozmetik, which started its activities in 1996, has been producing cosmetic products in ISO, SGS and GMP standards in its modern factory established on an area of ​​20.000 m2 in Çerkezköy Organized Industrial Zone since 2010. With our quarter century experience, everything says” FOR A BEAUTIFUL LIFE “, we touch your lives … ”

    Project Link’s:

    Name: Hayrullah

    Good luck everyone..

  3. Hi! We are a shop and workshop of artisan creations in Seville (Spain). We use our web for online sales and show our product, history and news.

    Our website with WPML & Slider Revolution:

    Thank you both Slider Revolution and WPML. You make us easy 🙂

  4. Hi !

    A website entirely made with slider revolution and WPML. It’s about a sound system for the Audiophony brand.
    To be honest. The site works only with Google Chrome, there are bugs with firefox.


  5. Dear Slider Revolution and WPML friends,
    I’m web designer and photographer from Spain.
    My portfolio index page video header is created using Slider Revolution and translated on english language using WPML plugin.
    I hope you like it.
    Wishing you a Happy New Year with the hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

  6. A new car cleaner in Bolzano, Italy wants to be different from competitors. For him car cleaning is more than cleaning – seems that you get back a shiny ‘new car’. This ‘over the top’ service shows a flowerful car presented on a silver tablet over the clouds surrounded by white sun and snow. All that shine underlines the company name ‘Car shine’.

    Languages: de/it

      1. Hi Moritz, can every user submit only 1 project? Nearly all my websites use your plugin and wpml.

        1. Hey Waldemar,

          if you have more projects you would like to submit, go ahead!
          We will choose winners amongst all submissions.


  7. Hello –

    We used Revolution Slider and WPML for a company that manufactures supplies for the construction industry. Their clientele is located throughout the US and parts of South America.
    The website also uses Toolset extensively to showcase their entire catalog online, and also allows users to create submittal items for architects and contractors. Beaver Builder was also used for design and layout.

    US Eng:

    1. Hello Matthew,

      thanks for your submission! Looking great and added to the list 🙂

      Have a good day,

  8. Hi,
    We run a travel company and our website (in-house design) is intended for German and English speaking audience, so everything is bilingual. Every page uses a rev slider for the main image, with the home page having a video imbed with some menus. Future expansions will included more languages – but, no tourism at the moment, so funds are a bit tight 😉



    1. Hello,

      I love the website and Canada 🙂 Great job!
      Hope that the situation will get better this year for tourism!


  9. The professional association for supervision, coaching and organizational development in South Tyrol (BSC) illustrates the processes and working methods of its members in a specially developed visual language. Supervisors and coaches are people who stand by other people in the world of work, support and encourage them. Their approach is never superficial or cool, but on the contrary profound and deeply felt – in short: they work with brain and heart. With a double exposure technique, pictures from the work environment are combined with abstract painting and thus underline the merging of the reference persons / elements.

    In 2020 the association wanted to underline the new ‘Online Coaching’ offer. Adpassion, the webdesign company, was asked to insert a popup to promote this. But with the animation possibilities of Slider Revolution he could go much further: a smooth animation with contrast colors indicates the new service without shouting, when clicking on it a fullscreen modal is opened and explains the new service. Fullscreen, smooth appearance of words and perfect color contrast – like many screens of online courses.

    Languages: de/it

  10. Movement for professionals. This website uses 26 trilingual Sliders!

    A professional coach from Bolzano, Italy wants to get people moving through advice. And it is precisely this possible or triggered movement that should be found on the website. On the home page, lines, texts and videos move within dynamic round surfaces. As you scroll, further scroll-sensitive elements appear and, last but not least, encouraging animated texts appear to the left and right of the text to pause. On the sub-pages, animated points at different speeds accompany the graphic elements. Here too, animated texts in the text area surprise after a few seconds.

    Languages: es/it/de

  11. Hey everyone!

    This competition ended on the 15th of january.

    Thanks for participating! It was difficult to select the winners from all the amazing submissions 🙂
    We will announce the winners in a separate blog post, early next week.


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