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This article provides an introduction to the different parts of the Slider Revolution module editor.

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Enter the Module Editor

After creating a new Module or Importing a Template, select the module to enter the Module Editor

Slide Menu / Add Layers

Return the the plugin’s main admin page

Switch between Slides or add a new Slide

Add a new Layer to the current Slide

Duplicate, Delete, Rename Layers

Select a Layer on the Stage to edit its name/title

Duplicate, copy or paste the selected Layer

Delete the currently selected Layer

Lock the selected Layer from further editing

Show/Hide Layers on the editing canvas (for editing purposes only)

Click the arrows to quickly toggle between selected Layers on the editing stage

Undo/Redo, Viewports & Quick Content

Layer Selection Mode

Layers can be edited individually or in groups.  Choose “Single Select” to select single Layers individually, “Add to Selection” to select multiple Layers using the “Ctrl” key, and “Drag to Select” to select multiple Layers by dragging your mouse over the Layers you wish to select. 

Undo/Redo Editor Changes

Edit your Slides with peace of mind knowing you can always undo/redo any change

Switch between Viewports

Use the Viewport Switcher to change the size, position, etc. of content for different screens.  

Don’t see the Viewport Switcher option in the Editor?

Head over to the Module Settings -> Layout panel to enable the available breakpoints as shown in the screenshots below.

Activate “Help” Mode

Once “Help” mode is activated, hover your mouse over an option in the settings panel to view learn more about that option.

Add pre-styled content with the “Quick Content” option

Settings Panel

Module Settings

Settings found in this panel will apply globally to the current Module.  For example, copy the module’s shortcode from the “Title” section, or choose if the Module should be Full Width or Full Screen in the “Layout” section.

Enable navigation such as arrows or tabs to allow the user to switch between your module’s Slides.

Slide Settings

Adjust settings for the current Slide such as its main background image or how it animates into view.

Layer Settings

Select a Layer on the editing stage and then adjust its text, styling, position, animations and more.

Slide Timeline

Adjust when a Layer should animate into and out of view as well as the duration of each Layer’s animation.

Save Changes

When you’re ready to save your changes, click the “Save” button located at the bottom-right of the editor.

Editor Overview

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