Global Layers

Content added to the Global Layers section will appear on top or below your other Slides. And this is particularly useful for content that you would like to be visible throughout the life-cycle of your Slider.

Every Module has a “Global Layers” section where global content can be added. For example, if you had a Slider with 5 Slides, and also wanted to show the same social icons on every Slide, in the same position, the icons could be added to the Global Layers section as opposed to repeating adding them to every single slide.

Table of Content

Main Settings

1. Overflow
Set the CSS overflow value for the Global Layers container. Choosing “Hidden” will ensure that the content is never visible outside the Module’s bounding box.

1. Z Position
Choose if the content added to the Global Layers section should be visible above (Front) or below (Back) your Slides. In most cases you will want the content to appear above your other Slides, but “Back” is sometimes useful when your Slides are set up with transparent backgrounds.

Layer Settings

Any Layer can be added to the Global Layers section. And each Layer can be styled, positioned and otherwise set up as you would your regular Slide’s Layers. The one difference is Global Layers have special settings that allow you to control when they should be visible, set in #1 and #2 below.

As an example, if you wanted the Global Layer to always be visible, you would choose “1” for the “IN” setting, and “Last Slide” for the “OUT” setting. Or you could choose specific Slide numbers to only show the Global Layer on specific Slides, allowing you to display different Global Layers on a different set of Slides.

Global Layer Animations

Global Layers can animations just like Regular Layers which are represented in its own Animation Timeline as shown in the screenshot below. To ensure the Layer stays visible throughout the life-cycle of the Slide(s), click the arrow icon to apply the “WAIT” property to the animation.

Global Layers

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