Install, Activate and Update (CodeCanyon)

Install and Activate the Plugin, Purchase Code Registration and Plugin Updates

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Install and Activate

Visit your WP Plugins page and click “Add New”

Then click “Upload Plugin”

Next, select “browse”, and then select the “” file from the plugin’s main download folder.

And then click the “Activate Plugin” link

Purchase Code Registration

To retrieve your Purchase Code, visit and click “Download -> License Certificate”

Then open the purchase receipt, and inside, copy the Purchase Code:

Next, from the Plugin’s main Admin Page, click the “Activation” link and enter and register your code:

Awesome!  You’ve now unlocked the full power of Slider Revolution!

Updating the Plugin

After registering your purchase code, click on “Updates”, then click the refresh button, and then click “Update Now” to update the plugin to the latest available version.

Install, Activate and Update (CodeCanyon)

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