Template Library

Install 200+ free and premium templates from the plugin's template library.

To import a template, select “New Module from Template” from the plugin’s main admin page

Next, select “Update List” from the top right-hand side of the screen to view all of the latest available templates.

Then filter the templates based on your interests

Or enter a search text for the name or type of template you wish to install

Click the star icon to mark a template as a “Favorite”

And then click the “Favorites” link to view your starred templates

And further sort the templates list to find what you’re looking for

Next, click the “eye” icon to view a live preview of the template

And then click the “plus” icon to install the template

Next, check to make sure you meet the template requirements

Some templates require that the plugin be updated to the latest version, and some templates have certain AddOn requirements.  In the example screenshot below, the Panorama AddOn needs to be installed first before the template can be imported.

Learn how to update the plugin here.

Learn how to install an AddOn here.

Then once the Requirements are met, click the “Install Template” button to officially import the template

1. Re-Download Online
If the template has already been imported, it will be stored in the WP database. Use this option if you wish to download a fresh copy of the template from the ThemePunch servers.

2. Create Blank Page
Select this option if you wish to automatically create a new blank page for the imported template. This is useful for hero modules and full-page modules.

Awesome!  The template has been imported and your now ready to edit its content!

Template Library

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