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Enhance your module texts with typewriter effects.

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General Settings

1. Activate
Enable the typewrite effect for the currently selected Layer.

2. Blinking
Enable a blinking cursor to enhance the effect.

3. Multiple Lines
Enable the multiple lines content feature to sequence between multiple texts.

4. Delay between Words
Enable pattern delays to make the effect more realistic.

Blinking Effect

1. Hide Cursor at End
Hide the blinking cursor when the text has finished typing.

2. Blinking Speed
The speed at which the cursor will blink in milliseconds.

3. Cursor
Choose if the cursor should blink as an underscore or vertical bar.

Typing Behavior

1. Typing Speed
The speed at which each letter is typed in milliseconds.

2. Start Delay
A delay before the typing begins in milliseconds.

3. LineBreak Delay
A delay in milliseconds before new lines separated by an HTML <br> tag are typed.

Multiple Lines

When the Multiple Lines option is enabled, a new option will be added to the Layer’s Content section.  The lines will then be typed in a sequence.  For example, the Layer’s default text will be used as the first line.  Then when the first line is finished typing, it will delete itself and then begin typing the next line, and so on.

Sequenced lines are located beneath the default text.  Click the plus icon to add new lines.

Delay Patterns

Word Delay Patterns help make the typing appear more natural.  If multiple patterns are added the typing will alternate between each pattern.

Delay Pattern Formula:

For these amount of words (#1), delay the next typed word by this amount (#2).

1. Number of Words
Amount of words to type before the delay takes place.

2. Delay
A delay in milliseconds before the next word is typed.

Typewriter AddOn

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