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Draw any layer with a hand graphic to bring your presentations to life.

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Module Settings

1. Hand Image
Select a custom hand graphic o draw width.

2/3. Image Width/Height
The default width and height of the image.  The image will then be resized accordingly.

4/5. Transform Origin X/Y
Set where the image should appear in relation to the Layer.

6. Pick Origin
See below.

Click the “Pick Origin” button to easily set where the hand image should appear in relation to the Layer.

Layer Settings

Settings Presets

Select a Settings Preset to easily populate the Layer’s Whiteboard settings with a predefined animation.

Custom Settings

1. Enable
Enable the Whiteboard AddOn for the currently selected Layer.

2. Mode
Choose if the effect should “Write”, or “Draw” the Layer or “Move” the Layer into place.

3. Hand
Choose to show a left hand or a right hand.

4. At the End
Decide if the hand should disappear when the writing/drawing ends or if it should move itself to the next sequenced Whiteboard enabled Layer.

5. Writing Angle
Determines the tilt of the hand as the Layer is drawn/moved.

6. Writing Angle Variations
Helps to create more natural movement as the hand draws/moves the Layer into place.

7. Jittering Area Height
The amount of space the hand will move in relation to the size of the Layer.

8. Jiterring Area Offset
A translateY offset for the hand to place it slightly higher or lower in relation to the drawn Layer.

9. Jiterring Changes
The amount of times the hand should jitter/shake as the Layer is drawn.

Whiteboard AddOn

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