WPML Setup

Slider Revolution is compatible with the WPML Plugin. It can be enabled in every module's general settings.

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Step 1

If you have not installed or configured the WPML plugin yet we recommend taking a look at WPML’s official starting guide:

Step 2

Once enabled for the Module, visit your Slide Settings and select the language you’d like to use for each individual Slide.

Build your own multilingual sliders

You can start building your own multilingual sliders in minutes with Slider Revolution and WPML CMS Multilingual licenses.

As a WPML-recommended plugin, Slider Revolution is committed to ongoing compatibility with WPML. This means you can trust that translating your Slider Revolution sliders is simple and straightforward and you can create great-looking sliders in any language.

Read more about building sliders with Slider Revolution and WPML.

WPML Setup

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