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Expand Possibilities

Slider Revolution 6 offers website addons with cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of whats possible in web design.

Cutting-Edge Features

Powerful new possibilities that can be loaded on demand.

Mindblowing Effects

Give your website a unique look and feel that will blow your clients minds!

All Addons Included

Get access to addons with any of our Slider Revolution license plans.

The Cluster

Our latest particles background addon allows for creating localized, interactive clusters of 3D particles.

With it’s wide range of presets, you can jump right into the action and create your own, stunning particles effect in minutes.

See this addon in action here:
AI Particle Cluster Hero

Particle Wave

Is your WordPress website missing that one unique design element to set it apart from your competition?

The Particle Wave addon for Slider Revolution enables you to add interactive, 3D particles background animation effects that will amaze your clients!

Learn more about the addon here:
Particle Wave

Advanced Transitions

Our advanced transition addon introduces never-before-seen, WebGL slide animations to Slider Revolution for WordPress.

Timing, easing, direction and additional filter effects can easily be customized for thousands of possible variations.

See it in action here:
Advanced Transitions


The Charts addon allows you to create visually impressive line or bar graphs from .csv data, with tons of options to take full control of the design.
There are 16 stunning chart skins included that come prebuilt with sample data, to inspire your charting projects!

Now you can finally create interactive online presentations to visualize important data in an engaging way.

See it in action here:

Lottie Animation

Slider Revolution supports the popular Lottie animation format which allows for mindblowing, dynamic scenes.
You can customize the style of Lottie files easily, and add animation behavior depending on user interaction.

A set of Lottie icons is already included and you can extend the library with your own files easily.

See it in action here:

Scroll Video

This website addon allows you to generate a sequence of images from any html5 video and play them with scroll interaction.
Quality options are included for optimal results!

See it in action here:

Before & After

Create interesting Before & After presentations that can seamlessly transition between two content levels with a draggable slider.

See it in action here:


One of the most popular website addons! Our Particle Effects addon allows for highly customizable particle effect on top of any module.

See it in action here:


Create visually stunning, liquid-type effects
on your module background images with the power of WebGL.

See it in action here:


Slice ’em up nicely! Create image slices of your background pictures and add stunning 3D-Parallax effects to them.

See it in action here:

Mousetrap & Paintbrush

Tastefully interactive! Paintbrush reveals images with mouse interaction. Options include blur, fade out timings and various brush presets.

Mousetrap adds many mouse follow/animation capabilities!

See it in action here:

Bubble Morph

What is this gooey stuff?
Spawn liquid shapes in your module and configure their color, behavior and movement zones.

See it in action here:

Next-Level WOW Effects

There is something for every taste in our constantly updated and ever growing addon library.

Advanced Transitions

Use never-before-seen, WebGL slide animations

Lottie Animation

Adds support for the popular Lottie animation format which allows for mindblowing, dynamic scenes

Before & After

Seamlessly transition between two content levels

Bubble Morph

Spawn liquid shapes in your module and configure their color, behavior and movement zones


Create visually stunning, liquid-type effects on your module background images


Reveal images with mouse interaction and tons of options


Add highly customizable particle effects on top of any module.


Creates image slices of your background pictures and add stunning 3D-Parallax effects to them

Exploding Layers

Add explosive particles to your layer animation


Create all kinds of interesting mouse interactions

Scroll Video

Generate a sequence of images from any html5 video and play them with scroll interaction


Create visually impressive line or bar graphs from .csv data

Domain Switch

Switch image URLs in modules from one domain to another


Reload the current page or a custom URL after a certain time, loops, slide


Our panorama addon displays images in 360°


Every where you go… always take the weather with you
Display a featured Slider instead of a featured image in your posts

Login Page

Very simple WP login page enhanced with your favorite Slider Revolution module


Display a continously rotating set of images for your slide backgrounds

Adjacent Posts

Display previous and next post to the currently showing one


Build custom 404 “Page not Found” pages with Slider Revolution

Polyfold Scroll Effect

Add sharp edges to your sliders as they scroll into and out of view

Holiday Snow

Let it snow! Add animated snow to any slider


Coming soon & maintenance pages build with Slider Revolution

Social Sharing

Share your website with Slider Revolution actions because sharing is caring


Create hand-drawn presentations that are understandable, memorable & engaging

Add related posts sliders at the end of your post content


Enhance your modules text with typewriter effects


Add unique reveal effects to your Slider Revolution modules

Replace the standard WordPress gallery with the sliders of your choice


Create backup revisions for your precious Slider Revolution modules


Lets go fancy Duotone because one tone is not enough

Coming Soon

We are constantly working on new addons for Slider Revolution

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to some common questions about website addons and Slider Revolution.

Slider Revolution addons are software extensions that enhance the functionality and features of the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin. Each addon offers customizable options to expand the core plugin’s design capabilities. With over two dozen website addons available, users can take their WordPress sites to the next level by showcasing advanced transitions, 3D particle effects, Lottie Animations, distortions, explosive particles, weather effects, 360 degree panaromas, special WordPress image galleries, and much more. Plus, we’re adding new and unique addons all the time. Slider Revolution’s core capabilities are second to none, but when combined with our extensible addon system, it’s no surprise why Slider Revolution is one of the most popular WordPress plugins worldwide.

Yes, Slider Revolution addons are designed to be user-friendly and easy to use. With a simple installation process, you can quickly add any addon to the Slider Revolution WordPress plugin and start creating pro-level visuals with ease. The addons come with customizable options, and you don’t need any coding knowledge to use them. Slider Revolution’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to create stunning visuals for your website, regardless of your skill level. With Slider Revolution’s addons, you can create professional-quality visuals that will enhance the design of your WordPress website and make it stand out from the crowd!

If you’re new to using a WordPress visual editor or website addons to create animations and other visual effects, don’t worry, Slider Revolution has got you covered. With a wide range of different support options available, Slider Revolution users can easily access help whenever needed. The visual editor includes a ‘help mode’ button on the top toolbar that offers explanations and tips when you hover over any option. In addition, there are numerous tutorials, video guides, a dedicated support team, and a detailed help manual to guide you along the way. Slider Revolution is as intuitive as it gets, and with all the available resources, you can be sure you’ll get the help you need, precisely when you need it.

Slider Revolution addons provide a wide range of customizable options to create pro level visuals for your WordPress website. You can create mindblowing effects with before and after image sliders, interactive scroll videos, distortions, weather effects, social media feeds, paintbrush reveals, interactive liquid effects, bubble morph particle effects, visually impactful charts and bar graphs, filmstrips, typewriter effects, presentation reveals, polyfold scrolling effects, and much, much more. You can search for and instantly enable any addon you need right from the Slider Revolution dashboard. New addons are also being added frequently, ensuring you will always have access to the latest visual effects available in web design.

Yes! Slider Revolution is a popular WordPress plugin that can be used to create complete WordPress sites with ease. Its extensive range of features allows you to design and customize your WordPress website just the way you want. With Slider Revolution’s user-friendly visual editor and customizable options, anyone of any skill level can create professional-quality visuals that will take their WordPress website to the next level. Whether you want to create a single landing page or design a complete WordPress site, Slider Revolution is the perfect WordPress plugin to help you excel.

If you’re struggling for visual effect ideas or don’t know which addon can help you achieve your vision, don’t worry, you’ve got plenty of options! You can start by browsing the addons showcased on this very page to see if one catches your eye. Slider Revolution also has more than 250 templates to explore for inspiration, all accessible from within the visual editor. Find one you like? Create a new module using that template and Slider Revolution will show you which addon it uses. Plus, its super easy to view and enable any and all available addons from Slider Revolution’s dashboard, allowing you to get hands on and experiment. With Slider Revolution’s wealth of resources, your next creative idea is just a few clicks away.

Explore Slider Revolution Possibilities

You’ll be able to create anything you can imagine, not just amazing, responsive sliders.