Adding a new Crypto Currency to the Crypto Template

How to add new crypto currency into the "Crypto Currency" template. In this example, we will be adding ZCASH(ZEC).

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Step 1

Navigate to the Custom JavaScript section of the slider.

Insert the JS code below into the JS script as shown below.

jQuery('.tp_cryptozec').each(function() {jQuery(this).cryptoPunch({cur:'ZEC', fiat:fiat_1, alternateFiat:fiat_2, fiatSymbol:fiat_1_symb, alternateFiatSymbol:fiat_2_symb});}); 

Step 2

Now let’s edit the slides:

Select the Row/Column that contains the Crypto currency text layers and navigate to Attributes settings.

Change the Class Attribute of the Row/Column to the new Class you’ve created on Step #1

Step 3

Change the Image and Text Layers to the new Crypto Currency

Adding a new Crypto Currency to the Crypto Template

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