Adjust Page Styles based on Current Slide

In this example, we'll change the background color of the page based on a "Custom Field" addition to each slide.

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Step 1

Edit one of your slide’s, and then in the “General Slide Settings”, add one of the following to the “Custom Fields” section:


Step 2

Next, add some custom styles for “sr-light” or “sr-dark” (we’ll preface the “data-color” value with “sr-” to help avoid CSS naming conflicts).

/* animate the page's background color */
body {transition: background-color 0.5s ease-out}
/* custom styles for the custom classes that will get added */ {background-color: #000} {background-color: #FFF} 

Step 3

3. Finally, add the following Custom JavaScript:

// change "revapi1" below to whatever API name is assigned to your slider 
var api = revapi1.on('revolution.slide.onchange', function(e, data) { 
    jQuery('body').removeClass('sr-light sr-dark').addClass( 
        'sr-' + api.find('rs-slide').eq(data.slideIndex - 1).attr('data-color')     

This effectively adds either the “sr-light” or “sr-dark” class to the body element of the page.

And now since the custom class name is being added to the “body” element, this allows for many possibilities. Here’s an example:

/* Change the color of all text in the page's "entry-content" div */ .entry-content {color: #FFF} .entry-content {color: #000} 
Adjust Page Styles based on Current Slide

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