Change Price Currency for Crypto Currency Template

How to change the price currency for the Crypto Currency template. In this example, we will be changing the price currency EUR (Euro) to CAD (Canadian Dollar).

Table of Content

  • Step 1 : Go to custom JavaScript section
  • Step 2 : Locate and edit currency in script
  • Step 3 : Edit currency on layer

Important Notice

By default, this template offers USD and EUR price currency, switching to another currency would require editing the JS code and this would require basic knowledge of JavaScript. If further assistance is required, kindly contact us via our support center

Step 1

Navigate to the Custom JavaScript section of the slider.

Step 2

Locate and edit the currency Code and Symbol in the Custom JavaScript and save it.

Step 3

Change the button layer text currency code to CAD (Canadian Dollar)

Change Price Currency for Crypto Currency Template

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