Enabling Gyroscope Permission in IOS for 3D Parallax

The "Gyroscope Permission" feature for IOS is only available in version 6.5.20+

Gyroscope Permission is enabled by default for Android. However, on IOS devices, this permission has to be manually enabled using a layer and the following guide will show you how this can be done.

Note: This feature is created for Slider Templates that use the 3D Parallax Feature. Example: https://stage.rvsldr.com/templates/3d-parallax-cubes-slider-template/

Step 1:

Create a Layer and assign a Layer Action

Step 2:

Click “Get iOS Acceleration” Layer Action

Step 3:

Display the Layer on the frontend and tapping the Layer on mobile will reveal popup permission.

Example popup permission:
Would Like to Access Motion and Orientation

1. The layer will only be displayed if the device needs permission.
2. The layer on the page will be removed automatically once permission has been granted.

Important Note: Accepting the permission will only save the preference for that particular domain. However, if the browser is restarted, the preference will be reset.

Enabling Gyroscope Permission in IOS for 3D Parallax

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