How to include login credentials in your support ticket

This article will guide you through updating your Login Credentials to your Support Ticket

Table of Content

  • Step 1 : Login your account
  • Step 2 : Click the update button in your ticket
  • Step 3 : Fill login data
  • Step 4 : Check success, change data

Important Notice

You have to have a valid license (support contract) to be eligible to enter our 1on1 support help desk.

Step 1

Login to the Support Center and select your ticket.

Step 2

Locate and click the “Update” button:

Step 3

Fill in your WordPress Login Password or FTP Login Access Password:

Step 4

The Secure Information section will display “This Ticket has WordPress Password stored securely” for successful entries.

Click on the “Update” button again if you need to change/update your login credentials.

How to include login credentials in your support ticket

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