Video Content & Mobile considerations

Adding Video Background vs. Video Layers plus playing video on Mobile devices.

Video can be added as the Slide’s main background.

And can also be added as a Video Layer

The main differences between Background Video and Video Layers.

  • User controls need to be added manually for Background Video, whereas default controls can be added automatically for Video Layers.
  • Background Videos are meant to play automatically, whereas Video Layers have the choice to autoplay or not.
  • Background Videos will always cover the entire width and height of your Module, and may be cropped depending on how your Module fits inside the web page, whereas Video Layers can have their own fixed width and height allowing you to ensure that cropping never occurs.

Important Information about playing videos on Mobile devices.

Recently Google and Apple have adopted new restrictions for auto-playing video on mobile devices. In a nutshell, video that includes sound can not be auto-played, and instead some type of user-interaction must occur in order for video with sound to be played.

As a result, Slider Revolution’s approach to this restriction is to automatically mute videos that are meant to autoplay, which includes all Background Video, and Video Layers that have the autoplay option enabled.

If you’d like to display a full-size background video for your Slide and sound is important, we recommend setting your Slide with a transparent background along with a Video Layer with “Cover” set as its size, and its “Layer Align” set to “Scene” as shown in this screenshot. Then the Video Layer can have regular default controls added which the user can then use to play the video at their discretion.

Video Content & Mobile considerations

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