Flexible Sizes

Set your hero sections to full-width, full-screen or automatic sizing. Fully responsive and flexible!

Animated Scenes

Produce exquisitely animated scenes with elements created from scratch or prebuild from our library.

Full Layer Control

Layers have a reponsive behavior as a default, but with an optional custom style on 4 device sizes.

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Hero Sections

Slider Revolution hero sections are more versatile than any other visual editor content.

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Hero Sections Effective?

Hero sections built with Slider Revolution can be anything between a simple background image with title text, or a fully animated and interactive, visual presentation!

Background options for your hero blocks range from colors, gradients, images, HTML5 videos, YouTube and more.

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Animate Anything
The Way You Want To

Take full control of your layer animations with lots of presets and keyframe support.

You can even add a second layer of loop animations on top of your existing keyframe animations.

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Create Engaging Interactions To Captivate Your Visitors

Slider Revolution’s thoughtful action system allows you to create simple and advanced interactions with any layer element.

Want that layer to make a 360° spin when a button is hovered? No problem!

Engaging hero block have never been easier to make!

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Slider Revolution 6 addons offer cutting-edge features that continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in web design.

From particles, distortions or bubble morphs to type writer and paintbrush effects: There is an addon that will fit your hero design perfectly!

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Slider Revolution integrates seamlessly into the WordPress environment and works with YOUR favorite WordPress Theme.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse answers to common questions about using Slider Revolution to create hero sections.

A hero section is the area of a website that showcases key content or messaging. It’s often the first thing visitors see above the fold when they land on your homepage, so it’s important for it to make a strong impression. An effective hero section can grab visitors’ attention, communicate a brand’s message, and encourage users to take action. A compelling hero section with powerful hero images centered around a call to action will increase user engagement and conversion rates. Slider Revolution’s 100+ hero section templates are purpose built to help you take advantage of these benefits quickly and easily.

In web design the term ‘hero section’ refers to the top area of a website, usually the homepage, that displays key content in a large prominent space to catch the eye of visitors and get them engaged. In WordPress, you can add your hero content using a Gutenberg block, and for this reason the term ‘hero section’ is often used interchangeably with the term ‘hero block’.
A hero image is a large attention drawing image in the hero section, purposefully chosen or designed to capture attention and raise immediate interest in its accompanying text. A hero block can also contain multiple hero images.

Absolutely! With Slider Revolution, you can take your hero section to the next level by adding animated scenes that bring your brand to life. Slider Revolution’s intuitive visual editor makes creating a unique animated hero section a cinch, whether from scratch or by customizing one of Slider Revolutions 250+ templates. The plugin provides you full creative control over your animations with lots of presets and keyframe support across multiple layers. Add movement, depth, transitions, loop animations, and more. Creating interactive hero sections with animated scenes has never been easier than with Slider Revolution.

Slider Revolution can be used to add a wide variety of visual effects to your hero sections, and with the help of the plugin’s unique addon system the possibilities are truly endless. You can customize your hero sections with particle effects, bubble morphs, paintbrush effects, lottie animations, bar graphs and charts, scroll videos, exploding layers, sliders, distortion effects, film strips, reveals, and the list goes on. Slider Revolution also offers full keyframe support across multiple layers, making it easy to create, customize and edit your visual effects. Web designers around the world agree, Slider Revolution is the number one WordPress plugin for creating visual effects.

Yes! Slider Revolution is an incredibly versatile web design tool that can be used to create stunning landing pages with hero sections. The plugin offers over 100 purpose-built hero templates that can quickly and easily be customized to suit your needs, or you can use them as examples to inspire your own creative ideas. With an intuitive and user-friendly drag-and-drop visual editor, as well as an extensive library of images you can use for your hero image design, the most streamlined way to make a stunning landing page with a captivating hero section is with Slider Revolution.

You can use Slider Revolution to add a wide variety of content to your hero section, including images, videos, text, call-to-action buttons, full-screen image backgrounds, sliders, cool transitions and other visual effects, and all kinds of animations. There are also more than 250 templates to choose from, including 100+ hero section templates, providing you with extensive customization options and hero section examples to use for inspiration. To create a compelling and interactive website hero section, you first need to imagine its elements and design. The next step is to bring your vision to life. Slider Revolution is unmatched in its capacity to help you do both.

Slider Revolution is renowned for making the web design process as easy as it can possibly be, and this includes making hero sections. Our drag-and-drop visual editor is user-friendly and intuitive to use regardless of experience level. We offer comprehensive support including helpful explanations and tips from within the editor itself, numerous video tutorials, a dedicated support team, and a detailed help manual. With these resources at your fingertips, you can start designing your hero section today with Slider Revolution and enjoy a hassle-free, fully supported award-winning design experience.

All licensed Slider Revolution users have access to a massive library of 250+ templates that include more than 100 hero sections ready for customization. From WordPress videos to Woo-Commerce, artistic parallax sliders to AI particle clusters, or full width sliders to cyber glitches, there’s a template for every vision. If you have a specific business in mind, we have hero templates for lingerie stores, hair salons, fitness gyms, furniture stores, restaurants and many more. Each can be customized to fit your need or business type, or you can use them as hero section examples for inspiration. And with Slider Revolution’s user friendly drag-and-drop visual editor, customization has never been simpler!

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