Impressive Animations on Scroll You Can Use on Your Websites

Websites that display animations on scroll grab the user's attention. This increases your site engagement and the likelihood of customers buying from you.

Websites that display animations on scroll grab the user’s attention. This increases your site engagement and the likelihood of customers buying from you.

Well planned scroll-triggered animations often include:

  • Images that zoom in or out as they enter or exit the viewport
  • Graphics that move with the mouse cursor
  • Captivating text content that aligns with the user’s scrolling tempo, etc.

Websites with these features are more dynamic and exciting. With every scroll, a fresh scene unfolds before the user.

Apart from adding visual appeal to your website, scroll animations provide a better user experience. This also helps motivate consumers to support your brand.

This article showcases 32 scrolling animation examples that are sure to inspire you. Let’s dive in!

Amazing On Scroll Animations

Spaceman App Website Template

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Alex Dram

This portfolio site’s homepage loads a minimalist array of purple triangles. There are also a few words about the designer.

As the visitor scrolls down, these shapes transform into an arrow-like configuration.

Startup Website Template

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Fox Computers 2021

This scroll-triggered animation example features on an Agency Portfolio Website. All the elements either slide in or zoom in on scroll.

Tattoo Event Website Template

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Interior Define Scroll Animation

Interior Define uses a parallax effect to add motion and depth when the user scrolls. This creates a captivating homepage design for your website.

The homepage displays as full-width strips that float into each other. Each strip features a full-screen animation for the background.

The brand uses these animations to advertise its interior design style.

Landing Page Builder – Website Template

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Dexter Washington – Portfolio

This is the resume site of Crafted Studios designer & founder, Dexter Washington Jr. It was designed in Figma and built inside of Webflow using Locomotive Scroll.


The trigger for the animations in this example is a vertical scroll. The main animated element transforms from a car to a plane to a bus, and vice versa.

It follows the reader as they explore the homepage. The element also moves, rotates, and flips.

It creates a pathway that draws your attention, setting some anchors in each section. Each section is also enhanced by other dynamic effects.

The story of The Goonies

Joseph Berry created The Story of The Goonies with WebFlow. This fond tribute uses parallax scrolling to capture viewers’ attention.

First, it draws them into the story and introduces the characters. Then, it reveals more about the film.

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Joseph Berry Masterclass

Interactive animations produce engaging and exciting user experiences. This website demonstrates the techniques for creating advanced and interactive animations in Webflow.


Sleepiest’s scrolling animation effects are perfect for websites with more textual content. It has a mountainous terrain that fades into the background on scroll.

This attractive example increases site-user engagement, making visitors feel comfortable with your brand.


Check out this scrolling CSS animation example built for the best animation app.

Agency In The Wild

Agency In The Wild fuses oversized text with slick scroll animations to build a stellar agency website.

While some of the best effects are not practical, they do make your designs stand out. For example, it has a shifting addition symbol combined with a list of previous employers.


In this example, parallax scrolling adds impact to the website’s bold designs. Using this technique allows users to scroll through Moooi’s furniture collections like exhibits in a museum.

Here is a CSS animation example for curated psychedelic experiences.

OnCorps AI

This web design was created for the data analytics company, OnCorps.

The animation begins with a flock of dots that assemble to form a bell curve. This represents how the company handles data.

Scrolling down, a layout of animations, floating shapes, and parallax effects become visible.

The Qode Interactive Catalog

This option features parallax scrolling in the intro and takes you to a stylized menu. In the menu, an image becomes visible when scrolling over each WordPress theme name.

Clicking on a theme name takes you to a scrolling portfolio of applications. These display more design possibilities.

Time Slot

This website amuses visitors with a phone-themed visual pathway. It takes them all the way from the top to the bottom of the page.

The transition effects will immediately seize the attention of your website visitors.

My Developer Journey

Retro video games inspired the design of this side-scrolling interactive resume.


This is a digital transformation agency website. It uses animations and quirky scroll effects to display its work.

Personal Portfolio of Stefano De Rosa

This portfolio website uses scroll-triggered transition effects rather than traditional animations.

But this in no way diminishes its beauty. It’s another style of using today’s trends.

Downtown Bentonville

This web page focuses on promoting events that are happening in Bentonville, Arkansas.

It has a lot of content and a few scroll-triggered effects to mix things up. It also features a parallax effect that generates a pleasant user experience

Inception Explained

This site is dedicated to the movie Inception.  Its goal is to explain what really happened in each dream within a dream.

The design of this site’s fade-down and fade-up animations are perfect. The animations and elements that explain the storyline match the style and color theme of the movie.

Home Société

This site is simple but rich with diverse graphic elements, animations, and typography.

Its animated elements are rhythmic, overlapping and intersecting with each other. As for the images in the background, these are always changing.

Vincent Saïsset

This site uses both horizontal and vertical scroll transitions. A playful graphic animation tracks the cursor and interacts with the letters.

The scroll position is set to reveal only parts of the textual content with each scroll.

As the user scrolls, a monochromatic interplay between the letters and the background occurs. Both swap colors from black to white and vice versa.

Every Last Drop

This site uses its animations on scroll to raise awareness about using water wisely.

OK Alpha

The designers have received praise for their use of bold colors and extra-large font size. Another great design choice was to use parallax effects to create dynamic screen movement and depth.

Are y’all green

A website that supports an Earth Day initiative using insane illustrations.  These become animated when scrolling.

Say hi to the squirrels, yall!

Culturally Connected

Illustrations and animation are two design elements that are perfect for each other.

This option is a partially illustrated website that uses scroll animation. The scroll animation heightens the effect of the illustrations.

Freelance Configurator 3000

Freelance Configurator 3000 is a promotional website for freelance designers. Its fun animations capture your attention right from the first look.

It uses traditional animation and animated PNG + CSS 3 code with JavaScript.

Yuto Takahashi

This portfolio website is a great example of what you can achieve with scroll animations.

Each scroll introduces a liquid-like animation over the images that disrupts their form. All while mesmerizing the user with the wavy movement.

Meta Music

This website is the perfect example of a scroll animation in action.

It combines line style with masking and activates several animations on scroll. These activated elements include icons and illustrations.

Stanley Kubrick Life

With large websites, it’s easy for users to get bored. If you need to create animations for a large site, this scroll animation is a good example of how to do it.

Each scroll reveals something, with exciting transitions between sections. The typefaces slowly fade in and out on scroll, with a close-up view of all the beautiful imagery.

Joco Showroom

This site uses animations on scroll to tell Joco’s story. Joco is a digital learning product, producing micro-moments of productivity.

Animals Australia

Animals Australia lobbies against systems that treat animals as objects, such as:

  • Abattoirs
  • Chicken farms
  • Export ships

Their new site features different animations including images, short videos, and text.


This scroll animation example uses simple effects, activated when the section becomes visible.

The animation duration for the images and content blocks are short. But they are long enough to make your interface look contemporary.

FAQ about animations on scroll

How do animations on scroll work?

Oh, I got this. So, animations on scroll work by using JavaScript, CSS, or other libraries to create an effect that triggers when a user scrolls through a webpage. These animations are often used to enhance user experience, make content more engaging, or draw attention to specific elements on the page. The animation is typically triggered when a certain scroll position or element comes into view.

What’s the best way to create animations on scroll?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but one popular method is to use CSS combined with JavaScript libraries like ScrollMagic, AOS (Animate on Scroll), or ScrollReveal. These libraries offer pre-built animations and allow you to customize the triggers, durations, and other aspects of the animation. You can also create your own custom animations using CSS transitions or keyframes, and then control them with JavaScript as the user scrolls.

How can I optimize animations on scroll for performance?

Great question! To ensure smooth performance, it’s crucial to minimize the amount of work the browser has to do. First, avoid using too many animations, as they can be resource-intensive. Also, use CSS animations and transitions whenever possible, as they’re more efficient than JavaScript animations. Lastly, consider using requestAnimationFrame to manage the animations, as it helps to synchronize them with the browser’s refresh rate for smoother performance.

Are animations on scroll accessible?

Well, that’s a bit tricky. While animations can add a lot to the user experience, they may not be ideal for everyone. Some users, like those with vestibular disorders, can be sensitive to motion and find animations distracting or uncomfortable. To make your animations more accessible, provide an option to disable them, and use the prefers-reduced-motion media query to automatically disable animations for users who have expressed a preference for reduced motion in their browser settings.

How do I make animations on scroll work on mobile devices?

Ah, that’s important! Animations on scroll can work on mobile devices, but you need to be mindful of performance and touch interactions. Use CSS animations, as they’re more efficient, and be careful about using too many animations, as mobile devices have less processing power. Also, keep in mind that touch scrolling can be different from mouse scrolling, so ensure your animations are triggered correctly on touch devices.

Can animations on scroll impact SEO?

Hmm, interesting one. While animations on scroll aren’t inherently bad for SEO, they can have an indirect impact. If animations slow down your site or negatively affect the user experience, it could result in higher bounce rates and lower rankings in search engine results. To minimize the impact on SEO, ensure your animations are optimized for performance and don’t interfere with the overall usability of your website.

How do I test my animations on scroll?

Testing is crucial! To test your animations on scroll, start by checking them in different browsers, as browser compatibility can sometimes be an issue. Next, test on various devices, including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones, to ensure your animations look good and perform well across the board. Don’t forget to test with different screen sizes and resolutions, too.

Can I use CSS only to create animations on scroll?

You can, but with some limitations. Pure CSS animations on scroll are possible using the :target pseudo-class or the @keyframes rule with the animation property. However, these methods are limited in terms of controlling the animation based on scroll position. For more control and flexibility, it’s usually better to combine CSS animations with JavaScript libraries, which allow you to trigger animations based on scroll events and specific scroll positions.

What are some common use cases for animations on scroll?

Oh, there are plenty! Animations on scroll can be used for a variety of purposes. Some common use cases include:

  1. Revealing content: As users scroll, you can animate elements to slide in, fade in, or expand, making the content more engaging and interactive.
  2. Parallax effects: Create a sense of depth and movement by animating background images or elements at different speeds as the user scrolls.
  3. Highlighting important content: Draw attention to specific elements, like calls to action or key information, by animating them as they come into view.
  4. Storytelling: Guide users through a narrative or journey by animating elements in sequence as they scroll down the page.
  5. Enhancing the overall design: Add a touch of polish and sophistication to your site by incorporating subtle animations on scroll for visual interest.

Remember, the key is to strike a balance between engaging users and not overwhelming them with too many animations.

Conclusion on Impressive CSS Animations on Scroll

Scroll-activated animations are versatile and practical. You can use them to enhance a wide range of websites.

They give your interface a cutting-edge look and make using your site enjoyable. This helps to attract people to your brand.

The long-term benefit of this is that your business will thrive.

When it comes to scroll animation, an important point to remember is balance. As with most things, sometimes less is more.

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Impressive Animations on Scroll You Can Use on Your Websites

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