The Best Looking Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Templates

Bootstrap is an important term in web development and design. So, anyone working in those branches should be familiar with it. It is a practical open-source software for making fast and responsive websites. It contains design templates for JavaScript and CSS. These templates are for making buttons, forms, image carousels, typography, tables, and much more.

Bootstrap is an important term in web design and web development. So, anyone working in those branches should be familiar with it. It is a practical open-source library for making fast and responsive websites. It contains templates for making buttons, forms, image carousels, typography, tables, and much more.

This article focuses on Bootstrap testimonial slider templates. These sliders are usable on websites that display many testimonials. The designer can use the templates to add quotes to forums, forms, and websites. Bootstrap allows the design of fancy sliders with different colors, rounded edges, and shadows.

It provides a guide to great Bootstrap testimonial slider templates that can be added to a website for free. The layouts are fast, responsive, and full screen. They are either static testimonials or slideshows. They include Font Awesome icons too.

Testimonial Sliders

Testimonial slider template that comes as a package with Slider Revolution

Testimonials can show off the great reviews and feedback a website received from its customers. It adds credibility to an agency, product, or landing page. It is a fantastic way of showing off a brand. So, it is worth investing in a beautiful way to do that. These templates help to do that.

A testimonial carousel also tells the site visitor what to expect. It shows how the site or product helped others and it will give them an idea of how they can benefit too. It is a low-budget advertisement for the business and including it in a website design can boost sales.

To see the different testimonials, the visitor only needs to sit back and read. The Bootstrap carousel makes sure that the different quotes change every so often. There are also arrow keys that allow the user to go back or skip forward to the next comment. Some of the testimonial sliders have little icons that the user can click to skip to a specific slide. This kind of slider is also featured in the examples below.

A carousel slider made by Abi. The explains that it is especially for displaying comments and quotes. It is an attractive and responsive slider.


Slider was coded in HTML, CSS, and JS by Jenell. It was made for Alumni Huddle at Skullcrush and works to show inspirational testimonials.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Example 1

The navigation dots at the bottom of the slider made by Flash Buddy show the faces of the person quoted.

This simple horizontal slider has navigation bars at the bottom, as well as arrows on both sides. The example displayed has three slides, but the number is expandable to the desired number. This automatically changing slideshow was made by Araf Karim.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Example 2

This example was coded by nikhil, and is a great option for displaying event highlights or product reviews. It features a sleek design on a background surrounded by a smooth box.

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Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Example 1

The navigation dots at the bottom of the slider made by Flash Buddy are decorated with the faces of the person quoted.

This is a Bootstrap testimonial by Andy.

The coding for this testimonial slider, designed by LillieG, is based on JS and CSS in combination with Bootstrap 4. The slides change automatically.

Responsive testimonial slider

A carousel by A hellokatili that can display both text and images.

A simple bootstrap testimonial slider made this Bootstrap testimonial.

Testimonial Slider

This is a  responsive slider coded by Kocsten.

This slider made by shamim khan uses both text and images.

Testimonial Slider Pure CSS

A CSS-coded testimonial carousel slider, designed by Mahesh Ambure.

This carousel example, created by Rick, shows the quotes one by one. The slides can be used to show comments, feedback, and ratings. It draws the eyes and showing testimonials in this way will boost any business.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Example 1

A Bootstrap testimonial slider with large dots by Robert Laschevoski.

This vertical carousel, coded by Danil Goncharenko,  immediately captures the attention of the viewer.

Client Testimonial Bootstrap 4.3 version latest design

 Made by Manjay Gupta, it has a different design that uses circles instead of boxes. Each of the circles shows a portrait of the one quoted. Clicking one of the circles will show the testimonial behind it.

Bootstrap Testimonial Slider

A Bootstrap testimonial by Eshan Rajapakshe.

Simply Bootstrap Slider for text item & image

Use this template by Yaroslav to showcase raving reviews from customers. The slides consist of plain text. To use the template, change the text and names.

A Bootstrap slider made by Gabriel Toledo.

A testimonial carousel slider designed by Prashant Dwivedi for simple testimonials.

Md Nahidul Islam is the coder behind this bootstrap testimonial. The words in combination with the design will attract the attention of people. If the slider is filled with good comments and high rates, it will boost the business of any website. It is a highly responsive great free slider.

Simple Slick Testimonial Slider

 This small, responsive, and navigable testimonial carousel slider is coded by Aymen Mohammed. It is a very simple testimonial slider based on ‘Slick Slider’ by Ken Wheeler.

FAQs about Bootstrap testimonial sliders

1. What is a Bootstrap testimonial slider?

Customer evaluations or testimonials are shown in a slideshow fashion on a Bootstrap testimonial slider, a type of carousel. It is a great feature for contemporary websites that need a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing interface because it is constructed using the Bootstrap framework and is intended to be mobile-responsive.

2. How do you create a Bootstrap testimonial slider?

You need some familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a Bootstrap testimonial slider. You can style your slider using the pre-built CSS classes and pre-built code provided by Bootstrap. To hasten the development process, you can also make use of the different plugins and templates that are available online.

3. What are the benefits of using a Bootstrap testimonial slider on a website?

By displaying social proof in the form of client evaluations or testimonials, a Bootstrap testimonial slider can give a website more authority. By adding a fun and eye-catching component to the website, it can also aid increase user engagement. It can also assist in emphasizing a product or service’s primary attributes or advantages.

4. What are some tips for creating effective testimonial sliders with Bootstrap?

You should take into account elements like the amount of testimonials to display, the length of the testimonial, and the slider’s visual design in order to develop an efficient testimonial slider using Bootstrap. The slider should be kept straightforward and simple to use, with buttons that clearly state what customers should do next in order to learn more about the provided product or service.

5. Can you customize the look and feel of a Bootstrap testimonial slider?

Yes, you can alter the CSS and JavaScript code that were used to create a Bootstrap testimonial slider in order to change the way it looks and feels. Additionally, Bootstrap offers numerous customization options, such as color schemes, fonts, and button styles.

6. How do you add testimonials to a Bootstrap testimonial slider?

A Bootstrap testimonial slider can be updated with new testimonies by altering the HTML code that created it. This could entail either modifying the old code to reflect the new material, or adding new HTML components like text, photos, or video.

7. What is the best way to display testimonials on a Bootstrap slider?

The most effective technique to provide testimonials on a Bootstrap slider is to utilize a minimalistic style that emphasizes the most crucial details. To make the testimonial stand out, you might do things like use bigger fonts for the text, incorporate pictures of the person who wrote it, or use a contrasting color scheme.

8. How do you ensure that your Bootstrap testimonial slider is responsive?

Use CSS media queries to modify the slider’s layout dependent on the user’s device’s screen size to make sure your Bootstrap testimonial slider is responsive. This could entail changing the slider’s size, the quantity of testimonials shown, or the arrangement of the slider’s contents.

9. Are there any plugins or tools available to help create Bootstrap testimonial sliders?

The creation of Bootstrap testimonial sliders can be aided by a variety of plugins and technologies. These include online templates and code generators that can hasten the development process as well as third-party plugins like Slick Slider and Owl Carousel.

10. Can you use a Bootstrap testimonial slider on any type of website or is it best suited for certain industries?

Any type of website can use a Bootstrap testimonial slider, but some sectors, like e-commerce, real estate, or service-based businesses, may benefit from its use more. A testimonial slider is a perfect element to have on these businesses’ websites because they frequently rely significantly on client reviews and testimonials to establish trust and credibility with future customers.

Ending thoughts on Bootstrap testimonial sliders

This list of examples of testimonial carousel sliders should have enough material to give some inspiration.

Using these testimonial carousel templates will add style to any website. Add them to forums, comment sections, and contact forms. It makes it easier to convince website visitors of the quality of services or products.

The sliders from the list are adjustable. So, they can be resized and buttons or rounded edges added. This will ensure the best result for your website. Hopefully, it will be of help in any design project.

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The Best Looking Bootstrap Testimonial Slider Templates

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