The Best 100 CSS Loaders to Choose from For Your Website

These days if a website takes more than a few seconds to load, people tend to close the page and move on.

These days if a website takes more than a few seconds to load, people tend to close the page and move on.

CSS loaders help retain a site’s traffic. It increases the loading speed and entertains users.

Unlike a .gif, a CSS animation avoids the image request. This results in less bandwidth consumption and a faster loading process.

This opens up many customization and maintenance possibilities for a site.

This article is a collection of the best 100 CSS loaders. Each demo includes the source code used to create the loader.

The Importance Of A Preloader

A preloader is a UI element that lets visitors know that a site is processing data and hasn’t crashed. Interesting animations engage visitors while the page loads.

Common loading examples are blinking circles or moving stripes representing the loading time. This is a functional but un-entertaining design.

The Best CSS Preloader Examples To Use

Web designers try to make the wait time easier for visitors. But they need the right inspiration and the latest knowledge.

So, here are the latest and best CSS loaders to use.

Loaders For Use On All Types Of Websites

CSS Animated Loader

Author: Christofer Vilander

This loader is made with HTML & CSS code.


Author: Aaron Iker

This demo features a set of 3 HTML & CSS code loaders and spinners.

pure css loader

Author: Martin Grand

This option is a pure css loader that 3d transforms.

Bubble Gum Loader

Author: ilithya

Here is a simple pure CSS loader. Users can resize it by editing one variable within the code.

The loader is automatically responsive with the vmin unit.

CSS Loader

Author: Derek Morash

This option is a unique loader image made of three lines spinning around within each other.

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Groovy CSS Spinner

Author: Josh

This loader image is a large spiral grid-like wheel.

Lightsaber Fight Loader

Author: Sam Garcia

A 100% CSS loader that resembles a lightsaber fight.

Sit ‘n Spin

Author: esjay

Here is a pure CSS spinner mixin that uses an inlined SVG as the source.

Text Ring Loading Animation

Author: Jon Kantner

With this loading animation the text ‘Loading…’ appears within two spinning CSS 3D rings.

Pure CSS Loader

Author: Izzy Skye

This option is a wireframe-style pure css loader.

Pure CSS circular spinner

Author: Andrea Rufo

This is a CSS (CSS3) circular spinner.

CSS Spinner

Author: Izmael Magomedov

This option features multiple 3D spinners within each other.

CSS Spinner

Author: Ty Strong

This demo is a spinning and pulsing loader made with Slim and CSS.

Helix CSS Loader

Author: Jerry Low

This option uses a spiraling DNA strand-like helix to create a spinner.

Pure CSS Spinners

Author: Cory LaViska

This is a collection of 5 spinners and loaders for a browser.

Pure Css Loader – Square

Author: Robert Borghesi

Here is a simple loader with an animated grid layout.

Pure CSS Spinner

Author: FezVrasta

This loader image has a single spinner around three dots. This design is useful for redirecting users to another page.

WordPress Spinner CSS

Author: Kuus

This HTML & CSS design is plain and suitable for redirecting users to another page.

CSS3 Loading Spinner

Author: Iván Villamil

Here is a colorful pure css loader with two elements.

Alternating CSS Spinner

Author: Katrine-Marie Burmeister

An animated CSS spinner that alternates its rotation from 0 to 360 degrees and back.

css spinner

Author: Massimo

A mixin animation for redirecting users to another page.

iOS CSS spinner

Author: victordg

A smooth loader, similar to a design you’d see in an app.

SVG ∞ loader (no JS, cross-browser, minimal code)

Author: Ana Tudor

A HTML & CSS loader built without JavaScript. A white line runs through an eight-shaped design to create an infinity symbol.

This CSS loader will display for a few seconds while the site content loads.

Fake CSS Loader

Author: Jesper Hills

Here is an HTML, CSS, and JS built WebKit loader.

Android 4.4 Kitkat Loading Screen

Author: Simon Clavey

This CSS-powered loader is a sleek design.

It has a less than 4s load time to redirect visitors to another webpage. It features lively colors with a cooling effect.

Revolver Style CSS Loader

Author: David Fitas

This western-style CSS loader uses box shadows to depict each chamber.

Spinning CSS Loader

Author: Gray Ghost

Here is a one-div spinning loader made without JavaScript. It resembles Google Chrome’s browser tab loader.

It uses the following techniques to bring the animation to life:

  • Keyframes
  • Pseudos
  • Half a circle for the loader to fill


Author: Steelkiwi Inc. (steelkiwi)

This design is for making presentable websites with a touch of playfulness. This is achieved using bouncing black balls that appear and disappear.

CSS loader

Author: Stephen Richard

Here is a spinning loader that transforms into plus and minus signs.

Pure CSS loader #2

Author: Jerome Renders

This easy-to-use pure CSS loader uses transforms & animations. Modify it by changing the values in CSS code.

Simple CSS Loader

Author: Rita Bradley

Rita Bradley’s version of the simple loader from Colt Steele’s Advanced Developer Bootcamp.

Nice CSS3 spin loader

Author: Julien Knebel

This is a nice simple CSS3 spin loader made with Learner Style Sheets (LESS).

CSS Loader

Author: Paolo Duzioni

Here is a simple CSS loader made with transforms and CSS3 animations.

CSS Spinner

Author: Minesh Mitha

This demo is a CSS, HTML, and JavaScript-built loader. It supports redirecting users to another page.

Add CSS Preloader to Your Website

Author: Zeeshan Ansari

A simple loader designed for use on all types of websites.

CSS Loader

Author: Geoffrey Crofte

Designed with pure CSS and HTML, this demo features a collection of 6 loading styles.

Hypnotic CSS Loader

Author: Max

This CSS loading icon features a hypnotic animation.

Pong Pure CSS Loader

Author: Emily Goldfein

A pure CSS loading icon without JavaScript. It features an animated ping pong effect and has a nice background color.

Loading Image

Author: Doug Harper

Here is a top-class HTML & CSS loading icon that features a hex-brick design.

tweenmax css loader

Author: PETIT Alexandre

This option is built with HTML, CSS & JavaScript. It has an animated border that can transform and rotate while the browser is loading.

Galleria Tbilisi – loading

Author: Misha Tsankashvili

This design has 5 spinners in the form of dots and a cool screen color that changes while the web content loads.

Css Loader #codevember

Author: Arthur Rob

A simple pure CSS loading icon that is great for browsers and web pages.


Author: Tobias Ahlin

This demo is a collection of animated pure CSS loading indicators.

CSS Loader

Author: Anders K

Here is an animated CSS loader that is useful for web pages and browsers. 

css loader

Author: Connor

A multicolored animated loading image made of 5 dots.

CSS loader spinner gif

Author: Colin Howeth

An infinite spinning loader icon similar to the style used in web pages and browsers like Google.

CSS loader

Author: Adrián Guerrero González

Here is a transforming loader for those who don’t fancy spinners.

Twitter-like spinner

Author: Juschz

A pure CSS loader that uses SVG animations.

Pure CSS Spinners

Author: Mark Kahn

This demo is a single-element CSS spinner.

gooey css loader

Author: Shrikanth

This option displays entertaining merge and color animations while the web content loads.

Pure CSS Spinner

Author: James Nowland

The Google Drive pure CC loader inspired this design. Users can adjust the top four values in the code to change the timing of the icon’s spin.

Single-div loader

A beautiful multicolored loader by Mario Sanz. It is a beautiful and entertaining option for web browsers.

pushing pixels css loader

Author: dave

This HTML & CSS loader consists of 7 dots in a linear format.

Super Simple CSS Spinner

Author: Thomas Mandelid

This is a simple CSS spinner for loading web content and resources.


Author: Vadzim Tsupryk

This is a pure CSS loader that features a single ball moving from end to end of the text content.

CSS Spinner

Author: Alexander Erlandsson

This demo uses CSS & HTML code and features 3 spinners with a dot size of 10 px.

Chart Animation

Author: Ettrics

A lively CSS, HTML, & JavaScript design that will help you create interactive charts.

Book Loader (CSS Only)

Author: Aaron Iker

A CSS loader image that resembles a book with its pages turning.

Another Pure CSS Loader

Author: Ian M

The developer used HTML & CSS code to create this. The loader image looks like something from Windows 10.

Animated 3d Flipping Loading Text

Author: Sandip Dust

This option is an image of the word ‘loading’. Each letter is animated and flips in 3D.

CSS Loader animation

Author: Uwe Chardon

This is a great loading icon for web browsers and apps.


Author: Jules Forrest

This option features 5 loading arrows riding a wave.

Animated CSS Loader

Author: Adam Jenkins

This demo uses CSS3 animation.


Author: Katherine Kato

A playful loading icon made to entertain site and app users while they wait for content to load.

CSS loader with borders

Author: Jesgrapa

This is a CSS loader with borders made without JavaScript.

Single Element Rainbow Pen Loader

Author: Dario Corsi

This is a nice HTML & CSS option for web browsers. The div class code creates a varicolored animated display block.

CSS Loader

Author: Louis Hoebregts

A simple loading image made of dots.

Loading Animation 3

Author: Adam Dipinto

This is an HTML & CSS loading image made of multicolored animated dots.

CSS Loader

Author: Louis Hoebregts

This demo is a spinning loading image made of dots.

Pure CSS Planet Loader Animation #cpc-planets

Author: Rafaela Lucas

This demo has an outer space vibe to keep visitors engaged while the web page loads.

Pure CSS Loader

Author: Rafael González

This demo is a sassy SVG snippet.

Awesome loading screen using only HTML & CSS

Author: Ahmad Emran

This example is a loading screen made with HTML & CSS code.

CSS Loader Animation

Author: Prathamesh Koshti

This example features a radial gradient background with a width of 350 px.

Loading Bar

Author: Chris Smith

This loader is great for browsers. It features an infinite red to transparent loading animation that flows left to right every three seconds.

Pure CSS Loader Ring of Light

Author: Mark Roseboom

This is a pure CSS ring loader of glowing light.

Chrome Cast Loader

Author: Robin Brons

This CSS loader has 3 varicolored rings rotating clockwise. It is the perfect loading effect for browsers and web pages.


Author: Wifeo

This option 4 dot spinners that transform into one large dot.

Cog loading animation

Author: Jamie Coulter

This CSS loader looks like rotating gears. It is useful for when a site is loading files from the server.

CSS Loader

Author: Che

Here is a CSS loader inspired by Dan Eden’s iOS7 Toggle Pen:


Author: Alexandr Izumenko

This CSS preloader animation is colorful. The rotating cubes resemble the windows logo.

It features 4 color cubes that rotate counterclockwise. 

Only CSS Loader – Wizard

Author: Guilmain Dorian

This pure CSS loading animation does not include JavaScript or HTML.

Single element Slack loader

Author: CrocoDillon

This is a single element CSS preloader. The loading effect is a disassembling and reassembling hash sign.

Pure CSS Loader

Author: Josh Bader

Here is a pure CSS loader made with keyframe animations and shadows.

CSS Dash Loader

Author: Cassidy Williams

This cool CSS loader animation is HTML & CSS-based.

The design is suitable as a page load image. It creates an appealing effect using moving dashes and editable colors.

Simple Pure CSS Loader

Author: Izzy Skye

Here is a pure CSS loader with a double rotation animation.

Color Map Dot Loader

Author: Ryan Mulligan

Here is a CSS loader that uses a SASS map to define the colors.

Fancy CSS loaders / spinners

Author: Jenning

This demo features a collection of 9 CSS loaders/ spinners.

Simple Loaders for Web Applications

Author: raphaelfabeni

This CSS loader design engages and entertains visitors while the web page is loading.

CSS loader

Author: Vijaya Kumar Vulchi

This demo is a cool single element pure css loader & spinner.

CSS Loader animation

Author: Sonja Strieder

This design’s CSS code is easily customizable to complement any site.

CSS Loading Animations For Transport And Travel Sites

Car CSS Loader

Author: Mattia Bericchia

The animation in this loader displays a moving car that transforms into a truck to show that the page is loading. It is a CSS element that is useful for business sites like:

  • Car sales
  • Car repair
  • Car insurance

Travel Preloader

Author: Matthew Nahmias

This CSS preloader is useful for travel and transport business websites. The loading image can be keyed to show different vehicles and/or text to match the site’s purpose.

For example:

  • Tourism
  • Travels
  • Hiking
  • Cycling

CSS Loading Animations And Spinners With A Hover Effect

CSS3 Loaders

Author: Siddharth Parmar

This demo is a set of 4 CSS3 loaders and spinners for all types of websites. Each CSS3 loader rotates clockwise and counterclockwise.

These animations also feature a hover effect.

CSS Loaders And Spinners For Service Providers

Preloader Animation

Author: Jason Miller

This preloader is similar to the snake game. It has an energy plug icon animation.

It is useful for third parties that connect businesses and clients, such as internet providers.

CSS Loading Animations And Spinners For Food Websites

Pure CSS bubbles float in loader animation

Author: Ana Tudor

Here is a pure CSS loader animation with bubbles floating in a donut.

Making Pancake

Author: Pawel

This loader is an animation of flipping a pancake in a frying pan. It’s a great fit for websites dedicated to cooking or baking.

CSS Loaders And Spinners For All Types Of Business Websites

Vivid CSS3 Spinner

Author: Kevin Jannis

The two loaders that are suitable for children’s education websites or companies that make products or services for kids. The loaders feature a rotating flower-like rainbow to get visitors excited.

CSS Loader

Author: Mathieu Richard

This design grabs the user’s attention with a rolling cube. The cube gets bigger as it moves forward and smaller as it goes back.

This is a good option for businesses that want to present a smart and sophisticated image.

CSS Stairs Loader

Author: Irko Palenius

This loader has a minimalistic design. It is suitable for businesses that want to display a trustworthy and serious image.

It features a descending and ascending staircase with a white ball bouncing on top.

Loading Pen

Author: Dave McCarthy

This loader can support all kinds of business websites with its universal animation. The caterpillar-like circles move left to right and come together at each side.

CSS Loader

Author: Glen Cheney

This CSS preloader animation is a good choice to support any kind of business. This cubed CSS loader displays moving cubes to create a loading effect.

CSS3 animation spinners and preloaders

Author: foxeisen

This is a set of 5 colorful CSS preloaders and spinners for business websites. They are available in various colors and shapes.

Prism Loading Screen

Author: Ken Chen

This loading screen image is similar to one of LinkedIn’s backgrounds. It looks like constellations in outer space with a central main element as an area for a corporate logo.

This is good for the B2B sector and companies that work with international clients.


Author: Alex Rutherford

This loader shows an animation of rotating images with a countdown. Users can edit the loader to use any image(s), so it’s a great fit for any business.

Daily UI #20 | CSS loader

Author: Håvard Brynjulfsen

Here is a beautiful loader for use on almost any kind of web platform.

Pure CSS loader #4

Author: Jerome Renders

This loader is inspired by Mike Mirandi’s dribbble shot. It is a 3d chart/ loader made with keyframes, Sass loops, and randomness.

The code is easily customizable to suit your preferences.

Icon Fonts – CSS-Loader

Author: Tim Pietrusky

A versatile loader for all types of websites and browsers.

Redirecting Loader

Author: Mr. Alien

This loader animation image is of a silhouetted man with a jetpack flying at great speed.

This loader is for redirecting users to another page. It’s useful for companies that want to highlight the speed of their services.

Loader Animation

Author: Nikhil Krishnan

This is a collection of 10 SVG loaders for businesses that want to maintain a serious image. These custom animated loaders come in different shapes and sizes.

Sliding Square LoaderView

Author: Steelkiwi Inc. (steelkiwi)

This loader is great for making the wait time less frustrating. It’s a cool option for businesses that sell electronics or games online.

Blurred Gear Loader

Author: Joni Trythall

The Blurred Gear Loader is for companies that market machinery or mechanic parts. The loader animation is of 3 spinning gearwheels.

FAQs about CSS loaders

1. What are CSS loaders and what do they do?

Visual effects called CSS loaders are shown on a website while it loads. They alert visitors that the page is still loading and ask them to be patient. CSS loaders are designed to enhance user experience by letting users know when a website is active and not frozen.

2. How do CSS loaders work to improve website performance?

CSS loaders function by drawing the user’s focus elsewhere while a website is still loading. Users can feel that something is occurring and that the page is still responsive by using visual effects. The user’s perception of the website’s performance might be enhanced by this perception of responsiveness.

3. What are the different types of CSS loaders available?

CSS loaders come in a variety of forms, including spinners, progress bars, and animated graphics. The most popular type of spinner consists of a straightforward rotating circle or group of lines. The amount of the webpage that has been loaded is indicated by progress bars, whereas animated visuals are more complicated and incorporate a variety of motions and movements.

4. Are there any disadvantages or downsides to using CSS loaders?

The use of CSS loaders may have the drawback of making a website take longer to load. Furthermore, a distracting or slow-loading CSS loader can really have a detrimental effect on user experience.

5. Can CSS loaders be customized to fit a website’s specific needs?

Absolutely, CSS loaders can be modified to meet the unique requirements of a website. To blend in with the general aesthetic of the website, they can be modified in terms of size, color, and shape.

6. How can I implement a CSS loader on my website?

Implementing CSS loaders can be done using ready-made libraries or by developing a unique solution. Spin.js or Loaders are examples of ready-made libraries. CSS is simple to add to a website, but specialized solutions call for additional technical expertise.

7. Can CSS loaders be used with all types of web content, including images and videos?

Indeed, all forms of web content, including images and videos, can use CSS loaders. The CSS loader might need to be adjusted to accommodate the particular material, though, depending on the volume and complexity of the content being loaded.

8. Are there any best practices or guidelines to follow when using CSS loaders?

Making sure they don’t detract from the website’s content, keeping them straightforward and simple to comprehend, and making sure they load quickly are some best practices for employing CSS loaders. In order to make that CSS loaders function properly for all users, it’s crucial to test them on a range of devices and internet speeds.

9. What is the difference between a CSS loader and a preloader?

A preloader is a script or combination of scripts that are loaded before the website content to enhance website performance, as opposed to a CSS loader, which is a visual effect displayed on a website while it is loading. Before a user interacts with the website, preloaders make sure that all necessary resources, such as CSS files, images, and scripts, have loaded.

10. How do CSS loaders impact website accessibility for users with disabilities?

If CSS loaders are not properly planned and implemented, they may have an adverse effect on the accessibility of websites for persons with impairments. Users who use assistive technologies, such as screen readers or keyboard navigation, must be able to access CSS loaders. For individuals with visual impairments, they should also be made to work with various color contrasts and text sizes.

Ending thoughts on the best 100 CSS loaders for a website

CSS loaders help retain a site’s traffic. They do this by reducing the load time while keeping users engaged.

The CSS loaders in this article are the latest and best designs a designer can use.

If you liked this article about CSS loaders, you should check out this article about CSS progress bars.

There are also similar articles discussing CSS select stylesCSS login formsCSS background patterns, and CSS image effects.

And let’s not forget about articles on CSS dropdown menusCSS border animationsCSS arrows, and CSS cards.

The Best 100 CSS Loaders to Choose from For Your Website

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