Pick the Best Photography Website Templates From Here

Photography is an art form. Few have the instincts and talent to capture a precious moment with the click of a button.

Photography is an art form. Few have the instincts and talent to capture a precious moment with the click of a button.

Those who possess this talent deserve to share it with the world.

Websites connect photographers and other artists to an audience and create exposure. However, creating a website from scratch is difficult and expensive.

A photography website often requires special design elements to best present the photos. So how can photographers create a photography website?

One solution is to use a pre-made photography website template. Photography website templates come with amazing features.

They allow photographers to build a professional website that attracts visitors. Features include social media buttons, a map to the physical studio, and testimonials.

Photography website templates also include a variety of layout, blog, and eCommerce options.

For those looking to create a photography website, here is a comprehensive list of photography website templates. Choose the photography website template that suits you best and get it right from this list.

Photography Website Templates To Check Out

Photographer Website Template

The Slider Revolution plugin helps users create websites without having to write code. This website template is perfect for creating a photography portfolio or other portfolios.

The one-page website includes parallax effects to entertain and impress visitors. Like all Slider Revolution pages, it is customizable and includes advanced API features.

A drag and drop editor makes editing simple and straightforward.

Photography Front Page Template

The second photography website template is also from Slider Revolution. It uses fullscreen images, letting the pictures speak for themselves.

This photography template uses creative page transitions and both vertical and horizontal scrolling. It also includes social media buttons to gain more exposure.

This is a one-page photography website template that directs focus to the images. The horizontal scroll of the carousel is perfect for a photography portfolio.

Complementary text and headers accompany the images. There are several navigation options for the carousel slider.

As with all of Slider Revolution’s templates, the features are 100% customizable.


Sepia is a powerful website template that offers many features. It includes a total of 78 pages, 41 portfolio styles, 7 homepage styles, and 10 blog styles.

It is an HTML and CSS website. It is perfect for photographers, photo studios, and design agencies.


Wink is another photography website solution. It is a flexible website with clean coding.

Users with some coding knowledge can modify it within minutes. It offers smooth transitions and is responsive on all devices.


This is another great option for a photography or portfolio website. Lenze uses modern design trends to provide the best attributes.

It features a fullscreen homepage, audio and video support, and customizable grid layouts.

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Wiso is a creative photography website template. Its beautiful designs showcase images in the best way possible.

It gives users the flexibility to create a website they want and love. It is SEO optimized and has fast loading times.

It provides 34 demo sites and 95 albums and galleries. It supports an online store and a booking calendar.


The photography website template Brailie has an HTML version and a WordPress theme. It offers powerful features to create a unique website.

This template includes 50 demos, 200 pages, and 300 elements. It also includes premium plugins such as Slider Revolution to extend functionality. 

It has several layouts, many headers, and various color options.


Agatha is another photography template that is a HTML and CSS website based on Bootstrap. A WordPress theme is also available.

This template has a clean design for an organized online portfolio. Features include a light and dark version, Google Fonts, and contact forms.

It supports video backgrounds, is customizable, and includes commented code.


Missio is an eye-catching photography template that offers a one-page or multipage website. It is suitable for photographers or bloggers because it has countless options.

Its many features help users create a unique website that stands out. The purchase of this template includes 5 premium plugins.

These plugins allow users more flexibility in creating a beautiful webpage.

Brittany Pierce

Here is another HTML website template for artists and photographers. The developers used advanced technologies to support universal and functional features. 

It contains 35 ready-made pages, is customizable, and responsive.


Umbrella is a premium template for photography and other artistic fields. It has a clean and minimal design.

It is available as both an HTML template or a WordPress theme. It is responsive, retina-ready, and uses AJAX for fast loading.

Corallo Studio

The goal of Corallo Studio is to help users create a website that is hard to ignore. It is a multipage template with an organized design.

It also offers widgets, UI elements and blocks, and parallax effects.

The template emphasizes the photos and headings. This makes it an ideal choice for a photography website.


Lydia is a photography and magazine website template. It is suitable for photographers, digital studios, journalists, bloggers, businesses, and more.

Features include 30 pages, 11 colors, 3 headers, and a one-page option. It comes with 3 premium plugins included in the purchase.

It is adaptable, flexible, and responsive.


Fotonia is a clean and simple photography website template. It has a modern and responsive design.

Some of its features are 8 homepage styles, 7 gallery types, and an AJAX contact form. It also includes content pages like About, Pricing, FAQ, and more.


Here is another responsive photography website template optimized for SEO and speed. It is full of useful features to create a unique and beautiful site.

It offers a fullscreen design for an impressive display of pictures. It also offers sliders, image flow galleries, striped pages, fullscreen video, and more.


FreeBird provides a clean and neat design for photography websites. It includes a light and dark theme and many customizable attributes.

The template is built with HTML and CSS and is Bootstrap-based. A WordPress theme is available as well.


Emilie is another great website template for a photography online portfolio. Built with modern coding, it allows users to control the layout as much as possible.

It includes different style homepages, blog pages, and About pages. It has commented code that is adaptable to fit any need.

Bebovski Photography

This is a stylish and modern photography website template. It comes equipped with 4 album layouts and 4 gallery layouts.

It offers a minimalistic design and stylish animations. It also includes an About page, a Contact page, and a section for prices.


Juno is a comprehensive magazine and photography website template. It comes with 3 additional premium plugins.

It supplies users with countless design options and various features. These features include 12 demos, unlimited header and slider options.

It is responsive to any device size and is SEO optimized.

Photography Aurel

This photography website template is perfect for a professional photography portfolio. It provides unique features that allow skilled photographers to showcase their work.

For example, users can post photos in their original quality. It also allows users to do some initial edits.

It includes a before and after element and supports uncropped portrait pictures. It also includes video galleries and sliders.


Drownz photography website template is for aerial photos and videos taken by a drone.

This template is well structured with blocks and UI elements that make it simple to navigate. It has a clean design, is responsive, and is cross-browser compatible.


Ashade is a photography website template created in dark mode. It contains 18 clean and minimal layouts.

Features include smooth scroll, creative transitions, a before and after widget, and more. The lite design means the website is fast loading.

It’s ideal to display a photography portfolio, designer portfolio, or other visual work.

FAQs about photography website templates

1. What should I look for in a photography website template?

The layout, appearance, and functionality should all be taken into account when picking a template for a photography website. Look for layouts that feature your work prominently, allow for simple navigation, and leave room for your bio and contact details. Think about templates that permit customization, such as altering the font or color scheme. Additionally, confirm that the template works with the website platform of your choice.

2. How do I choose the right photography website template for my brand?

Pick a photography website template that captures the style and character of your company. Look for layouts that fit your particular expertise and are adaptable enough to display various styles of photographs. Think about the design and functionalities that correspond to the objectives and target market of your business. Make sure the template fits nicely with your existing branding, and pay close attention to the modification choices and simplicity of use.

3. What are the best website platforms for photography templates?

Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, and Format are a few of the top website building tools for photography templates. Select the platform that best fits your needs and budget among the many customization options and features it offers. When choosing a platform, take into account the platform’s customer support, SEO capabilities, and ease of use.

4. Can I customize a photography website template to fit my needs?

The majority of photography website templates offer some degree of customization. Look for templates that let you alter the fonts, colors, and layouts. Some templates might support more complex customizations, like the addition of unique CSS code or the incorporation of third-party plugins. Make sure you comprehend the level of customization and the tools accessible before selecting a template.

5. Are there any free photography website templates available?

Yes, there are a number of free website templates for photographers. In contrast to paid templates, these templates might have fewer features and customization options. Look for templates that give the functionality you require and are compatible with the platform for your website. Remember that unpaid templates could not offer the same degree of support or updates.

6. What are some examples of successful photography websites using templates?

Many prosperous photography websites, including those run by well-known photographers and photographic companies, use templates. One illustration is the website of wedding photographer Jasmine Star, which employs a Squarespace template. Another illustration is Joe McNally’s website, which showcases his photojournalism work using a WordPress framework. These websites serve as examples of the adaptability and efficiency of website themes for photographers.

7. How important is the mobile responsiveness of a photography website template?

Because many users will access the site on their mobile devices, a photography website template must be mobile responsive. Look for layouts that offer a seamless user experience across all devices and are suited for mobile viewing. Your photographs will be shown in great quality and your website will be simple to navigate on mobile devices if you use a mobile-responsive template.

8. What types of features should I consider when selecting a photography website template?

Think about the elements that will improve the usability and user experience of your website when choosing a photography website template. Look for templates that have contact forms, e-commerce features, client proofing, gallery options, and gallery options. Take into account the template’s SEO capabilities, social media integration, and support for external tools and plugins.

9. What are some common mistakes to avoid when choosing a photography website template?

Selecting a template that is incompatible with your website’s platform is a common error when choosing a photography website template.

Another error is picking a template that is very sophisticated or busy, as this will draw attention away from your photography. Additionally, stay away from templates that don’t offer enough customization options or don’t capture the essence of your brand.

10. Are there any SEO considerations when selecting a photography website template?

Yes, there are many SEO factors to take into account when choosing a template for a photography website. Look for designs that offer simple navigation, quick page loads, and responsive design—all of which are crucial for SEO.

Make sure the page names, meta descriptions, and URL structure of the template are all optimized for search engines. Additionally, look for templates that allow you to add alt tags to your images and alter the header and footer codes, both of which can affect how well your website performs in search engine results.

A Snapshot of Photography Website Templates

This article lists some of the best photography website templates available. Each one offers unique features and beautiful designs.

These serve to highlight the work of a photographer. Each photography template above is adaptable and flexible.

They best suit photographers. However, they are also useful to artists and businesses who want to showcase their work.

To display your work in the best light, use any of these photography website templates.

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Pick the Best Photography Website Templates From Here

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