Awesome Pink Websites with Great Design to Inspire You

In color-psychology pink is a sign of hope, no longer reserved for girly design. Today, it is widely used in branding company websites.

In color-psychology pink is a sign of hope, no longer reserved for girly design. Today, it is widely used in branding company websites.

Pink websites, for example, influence the mood of consumers and motivate them to support particular brands.

When leveraging the power of a pink color palette website, you’ll discover an array of shades and tones of pink.

These can be used with a monochromatic layout to get the feel you’re looking for. You can also try different color combinations to create a unique pink color scheme.

Is there a reliable guide to help you understand how to plan color schemes for pink websites? Yes, there is!

This list is full of amazing examples of pink website designs that are effective for a variety of brands. Be sure to check out our entire selection of templates to find a pink website design that works for you.

The Power of a Pink Color Palette Website

When it comes to creative web design, pink color palettes are strong yet subtle. Rather than shock users, these draw them in.

A web or graphic designer can use pink websites to speak for their clients and help them connect with consumers.

There are several design features that, when colored pink, help to inspire a cohesive design that features a focal point and theme. These include:

  • Pink typography
  • Pink backgrounds
  • Pink color elements, etc.

Great Examples of Pink Websites

Spaceman App Website Template

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Alessandra Zanghi

This is a simple yet powerful concept with a gentle color palette of lilac and lavender.

Art Gallery Slider

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Puzzle Break

This pink color scheme is great for UI/UX website re-design and web development in the areas of:

  • Entertainment
  • Corporate team building
  • Professional development
  • Virtual team management

Particle Wave Showcase

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Joco Showroom

This site uses a gentle shade of pink mixed with dark shades of other colors that become visible via scroll interaction.

Molly Stubbs

This pink website is for a marketing writer. It features gentle color palettes and playful pink elements.

Design Embraced

Design Embraced is an interactive showcase of Goodwin’s most significant works.

The website opens lightly with a minimalistic red preloader against an empty soft pink background. The fusion of red and pink is a delightful and playful approach to design.


Take a look at how pink is blended into this digital marketing agency’s website.

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Health By Habit

This site’s use of pink, other calming colors, and elements makes the vitamins being advertised seem fun to take. The design elements used also tells customers that these vitamins work.


A dark shade of pink is used for this dating site, where augmented reality helps you find a real person.

Gladstone Axe

These vibrant and dark colors work well for this Whiskey Brand.


A vibrant and fun pink website design for a Crypto NFT asset factory landing page. The website features real-time physics; click ‘Scan’ to run quality control. This is a fantastic design inspiration for pink websites.

KNC Beauty

This use of pinks, mixed with other pastel tones, generates a fun but calming feeling. The accents of green complement the herbal element of this beauty care website.

Denada Co.

Who would’ve thought sugar free ice-cream could be appealing? Here’s a great example of how a good color combination can generate appeal.

Cartoon Feelings

This pink website design is perfect for graphic and creative design studios.

Game Bytes

Doesn’t this pink website design make you want to taste Game Bytes’ caffeine gummies?

Near Protocol

NEAR’s web design is an ethereal aesthetic for simple, secure, and scalable technology. With the help of a calming color palette, they inspire millions to invent and explore new experiences.

Jonathan Holt

A pink website example from creative designer, Jonathan Holt. Here’s his portfolio of design and illustration work.


This pink website design is for a free paper schedule maker for home time, weekends, school, and summertime.

Purvaja Patel – Portfolio

Click the link to view designer and illustrator Purvaja Patel’s portfolio.

Canvas Agency

A delicate combination of light pink and project images for a site that represents artists.

Script Compass

A great combination of pink and blue for this award-winning screenplay development service.

Stem Design

The pink background of Stem Design’s website accentuates the floral arrangements on the homepage.


AweDeco’s website features an enchanting color scheme that incorporates shades of pink. The subtle yet captivating use of pink hues adds a touch of elegance and charm to the overall design. It creates a visually appealing experience that is sure to captivate and inspire visitors.

Criskin Cosmeceutical

A pink color palette designed for a high-quality beauty & cosmetics e-commerce brand.


Here’s a design for pink websites that handle vegan, organic, and fair trade oral care products.

Shaleen Cheah

A beautiful pink website built for sustainable fashion.


A pink website built for a homeware brand inspired by the Mediterranean’s:

  • Vivid colors
  • Ancient philosophy
  • Mysterious myths


A pink website designed to advertise an all-in-one supplement for women.

Kieran Baybutt

Interactive designer, Kieran Baybutt’s website plays with shades of:

  • Pink
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Green, etc.

Your wishes in words.

This website has interactive black letters against a gentle pink background.

FWA 100 Jam3

This web design features a color palette of pinks, violets, and blues. You’ll notice  fine white lines for the preloader and interface elements, like:

  • Icons
  • Menus
  • Buttons
  • Progress bars

The website’s soft, fluid, and airy feel reveals art direction. It is a testament to Web, UX, 3D, and graphic design.

Gucci Osteria

The website features pleasant green to pink background colors and softer pink windows. Italian restaurants are advertised within these windows.

This web design helps to share a culinary philosophy that rides the wave of  seasons with creativity and elegance.

La puce à l’oreille

This website creates and distributes audio narrative content for French-speaking children and teenagers. Pink serves as the color of the screen/background which holds other colorful elements.


Krkr’s specialization is visual storytelling. The website has a white background with colored elements and a pink background that activates on scroll.

Collage Crafting

This business focuses on a design-savvy clientele. Their website features contemporary designs and unique aesthetics that use the color pink as an accent color.

Amazing Examples With a Soft Pink Background

Bastien Allard

This pink website is for the art director at Locomotive Montréal.


For this design, pink color palettes are used with purple elements to communicate inclusion and equality across the board.

OH by Curio Wellness

The landing page of this pink website is fun and energetic. It’s just what a great product needs to entice its customers into purchasing.

Denise Chandler

This site uses illustrations and cartoon action buttons to introduce its team of designers. Pink is used as a 1950’s element to present an online storefront.

This soft pink site is inviting for those desiring those feminine touches to web design.


This is the website for the popular WordPress page builder. It employs its own techniques that are advertised  with a pink-on-black design.

This minimalistic design includes a simple pink background that helps to gently draw the user’s attention. Movement within the frame of pink-spot color helps to create a layering effect.

Olivier Gillaizeau

Here is a pink website design created by an award-winning, creative director and designer. The design reflects its creator’s 15+ years of experience in branding and digital experiences.

Illustrate the Web

In this example pink is used as an accent color rather than an overall design element.

Primary colors appear here and there, including blue for the typography against a soft pink highlight. This choice of typography and the color palette communicates elegance.

Castor et Pollux

This English language website has a retro vibe. It features 80’s style typography with a gentle pink background contrasted by a fuzzy blue dot.

The dot follows the cursor and grows larger when hovered over interactive elements.


Here is a gorgeous color palette for pink websites. This example features a French design with a girly color that transforms into an interactive marketing campaign.

Video elements are incorporated into a creative web design that helps to communicate the video is social.


Pink doesn’t have to be perceived as a feminine color. Used with the right complementary colors, it evokes a cheerful yet subtle feeling.


This site’s visitors are welcomed by a gentle pink color palette and a similarly-hued feature project.

These colors convey the studio’s unconventionality and drive to reimagine the standards of design.

BBDO Creative Agency Portfolio

Here’s a design for creative agency pink websites that handle marketing and communication.

FAQ on Pink Websites

What’s the psychology behind using pink in web design?

In the realm of color psychology, pink is often associated with tenderness, love, and affection. When it comes to websites, utilizing pink can communicate these traits, inducing feelings of calm, positivity, and warmth in your site’s visitors.

Notably, pink is also associated with femininity, and can be used effectively for brands targeting a predominantly female audience. It’s always important, however, to consider your brand’s identity when choosing a color scheme.

Does a pink website affect user engagement?

Absolutely! Color schemes, including the use of pink, play a significant role in user engagement. A visually appealing and consistent color palette can make a website more inviting and engaging.

A pink-themed website can appear friendly and approachable, potentially encouraging users to spend more time exploring your site. However, excessive use of pink can be overwhelming, so balance is key.

Is pink a good color for all types of websites?

While pink is versatile, it might not be the best choice for all websites. The choice of color should align with your brand identity, target audience, and the message you want to convey.

For instance, a tech or financial firm might not opt for a pink website, as it might not align with their brand image. On the other hand, a beauty brand or a women’s fashion e-commerce site could greatly benefit from using pink.

How does pink affect website readability?

Readability is a crucial aspect of web design. The contrast between the background color (pink, in this case) and the text color can affect how easily users can read your content.

Light pink backgrounds with dark text can provide good contrast, enhancing readability. On the other hand, bright pink backgrounds might strain the eye, especially with lighter text. Always consider the contrast when designing your website.

Can pink improve website conversion rates?

Color can influence conversion rates, and pink is no exception. However, it isn’t just about the color; it’s how you use it.

Pink can be used to highlight call-to-action buttons, making them stand out and potentially leading to higher click-through rates. But remember, conversions are also affected by numerous other factors, including site usability, content quality, and overall design.

Does a pink website appeal more to a female audience?

Traditionally, pink has been associated with femininity, and some research suggests that women might be more drawn to pink than men. Therefore, if your target audience is primarily female, a pink website could be beneficial.

However, it’s essential not to stereotype; color preferences can vary widely among individuals, regardless of gender.

How can I balance pink with other colors on my website?

The key to a visually appealing website is balancing colors. Pink can be balanced with neutral tones like white, gray, or black to provide contrast and prevent the site from feeling overwhelming.

Complementary colors such as green or analogous colors like purple can also be used to create a harmonious and balanced design.

How can pink be used in website branding?

Pink can play a substantial role in branding. It can be used as the primary color in your logo, headers, footers, or even in your images. Utilizing pink in branding helps create a distinct identity and can make your website more memorable to visitors.

However, remember that consistency is key. Ensure the same shade of pink is used throughout to maintain a cohesive look.

What does a pink website say about a brand?

A pink website can communicate different things about a brand depending on how it’s used. It might suggest that the brand is youthful, fun, and vibrant.

It can also imply a sense of caring, compassion, and understanding, especially with softer, pastel pinks. If used in the beauty or fashion industry, it can also suggest a focus on femininity and elegance.

Are there any famous brands using pink in their web design?

Yes, many well-known brands utilize pink in their web design. For example, Lyft uses pink as a part of their brand identity, creating a friendly and recognizable interface.

Similarly, Victoria’s Secret uses pink to align with their female-centric products. These brands demonstrate how effectively pink can be used in web design when it aligns with the brand’s identity and target audience.

Ending Thoughts on Awesome Pink Websites

A website should promote the brand it represents. It should cause consumers to remember your business and view it as the answer to their needs. Great websites convey this through color, shape, and other design elements.

As shown by the gorgeous examples in this article, pink websites are effective for a wide range of industries – not just fashion and cosmetics.

This is why designers who add pink to their websites create more successful sites. Pink can be used for almost anything in web design, including:

  • Backgrounds
  • Interface elements
  • Typography
  • Icons, and more

Pink websites are proof that excellent web design doesn’t submit to stereotypes.

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Awesome Pink Websites with Great Design to Inspire You

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