Thumbnail Slider Examples That Would Look Great On Your Website

Explore the captivating world of thumbnail sliders with our curated collection of examples. Discover how these visually appealing and space-efficient sliders can showcase your content effectively. From elegant thumbnail grids to interactive overlays, our article showcases the latest trends and design inspirations.

A thumbnail slider has swiftly seized the spotlight in the world of design due to its capability to pack a punch of visuals in a confined space.

In the past, crafting a thumbnail slider was no walk in the park even for the seasoned developers. It’s a job that needs two different ‘Views’. The first ‘View’ takes care of the rotating big pictures in the prime segment of the slider. The second ‘View’ tackles the same set of pictures in a carousel format, morphing them into navigation controls.

Stepping into this feature, we’ll unearth a series of captivating thumbnail slider examples. They’ve got it all – they’re not just eye candies but are heavy-duty too.

Thumbnail Slider Examples to Check Out

Soccer Club Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Introduce your Soccer School themed website in style with the Soccer Club Header. Highlight your current offers or service portfolio with seamless transitions that exude elegance. And the best part? It’s versatile enough to suit other sports themes too!

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Step into an unparalleled and immersive experience with our Samurai Fullscreen Carousel Template. Journey through a captivating panorama of samurai warriors, accompanied by bold captions and compelling call-to-action buttons.

Whether your website embraces tradition or seeks a modern twist, this template is the perfect choice for creating a unique and captivating online presence.

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Behold the Slider Revolution template for WordPress – a captivating carousel gallery with an enchanting subtle parallax effect. Immerse your audience with HTML5 video integration and a convenient fullscreen button, offering an unforgettable visual experience.

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Unleash the power of this versatile Slider, transforming it into a captivating photo/media gallery where images shine in their original aspect ratio. Embrace the convenience of slideshow play/pause and full-screen functionalities, ensuring an enjoyable and immersive image viewing experience like never before!

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Explore this captivating example of a swipe-controlled carousel with thumb-based navigation and a Pop-Up for detailed information. With Slider Revolution, the possibilities are endless, offering millions of potential layout combinations to create stunning sliders that will elevate your website’s visual appeal.

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Introducing our timeless and highly popular 100% responsive fullwidth Carousel template. Embodying the charm of old school design, it remains impressively cool, standing the test of time!

Flickr Stream Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

Experience the magic of this Slider, powered by an automatic flickr feed. With just one slide setup, Slider Revolution takes care of the rest, effortlessly populating your carousel with captivating content. No hassle, all the convenience!

Premium Team Slider

Get Slider Revolution and use this template

This Slider template showcases a brilliant feature – effortlessly navigate through slides by simply hovering over thumbnails. It’s a seamless and intuitive way to explore the content in style!

Experience the Owl Carousel 2 Thumbnail Slider

By Aykut Kapısız

Dive into the Bootstrap 3.2x Product Slider with thumbnail slider (None Sync version)

By Aykut Kapısız

Explore the Bootstrap Thumbnail Slider

By Nghia Le

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See the Slick Slider – Example #14

By Abdullah.Ramadan

Features: Fast Switch Transtions Effects to the left and right. Control Arrows and Dots for Custom Thumbnails

Inspect the Bootstrap 4 Carousel / Slider with Thumbnail Navigation

By Morten Brunbjerg Bech

Bootstrap’s Carousel functions smoothly, straight out of the box. Yet, thumbnail navigation support is something I’m looking for. As I can’t predict the number of pictures in the carousel, I need a slider for the thumbnails. To build the slider, I used another carousel instance.

Study the Thumbnail slider with zoom

By T. H. Doan

This demo harnesses Thumbelina (free) for the thumbnail slider, Cloud Zoom (commercial) for the hover zoom, and a custom code for the fullscreen zoom.

Discover the Swiper – Vertical Thumbnails / Horizontal Thumbnails – Responsive

By Roger

The Swiper slider brings together a vertical thumbnail gallery with horizontal thumbnails when viewed on mobile.

Experience the Bootstrap multiple image slider

By Liam Thrower

Dive into the vertical thumbnail slider

By Shanice

Explore the Slick Slider – Example #13

Crafted by Abdullah.Ramadan

This piece of art boasts Full Screen Slider with Horizontal & Vertical Shutters Transition Effects, Custom Arrows and Dots With Thumbnails and Thumbnails Tool Tip.

Delve into the Swiper Center Thumbnail Slider

Conceived by ryohei

Check out the Fotorama Thumbnail Slider

Created by Rohan Hapani

Experience the Bootstrap 3 Thumbnail Slider

Devised by YaroslavW

Dive into the thumbnail slider

Assembled by Piyush Tapaniya

(accessible-slick) PDP thumbnail image sliders

Concocted by Accessible360

This demo is for accessible-slick, a fully accessible substitute for Slick Slider. The two “linked” sliders in this demo replicate an e-commerce PDP (product details page) scenario, where one slider displays a set of thumbnail images and the other slider shows the full-size view of the chosen image.

With the new “instructionsText” setting in accessible-slick, screen-reader-only instructions are added to each slider. It helps in explaining the complex linked behavior so that screen reader users can successfully use them.

Inspect the Logo Carousel

Fabricated by Jay McLain

Look into the Bootstrap Responsive Thumbnail Slider/Carousel

Fashioned by Andre

This is a Bootstrap Responsive Slider/Carousel with thumbnail selection.

Go through the Bootstrap4 Thumbnail-Carousel

Formulated by aholics

Discover the Bootstrap 3.2x Product Slider with thumbnail slider(Sync Type 2)

Forged by Rabin Awal

Scrutinize the Flexslider vertical thumbnails

Moulded by Alyssa

Review the Bootstrap 4 thumbnail slider

Generated by Piyush Tapaniya

Study the Card-o-sel or Thumbnail Slider

Presented by Pete

Learn from the BxSlider Carousel Pager

Put together by Rajeeb

Inspect the bxslider with thumbnails #1

Built by Nadezhda

Unveil the jquery steps slider

Devised by Ravi Kumar

This is a guide on how to make a jquery steps thumbnail slider.


Produced by Chris

Decipher the Bootstrap Jquery Thumbnail Carousel

Compiled by Anand

Interpret the Thumbnail Slider

Realized by Thien

Cnguyenm’s Masterpiece

Check out this one crafted by the gifted cnguyenm.

Rabin Awal’s Slick Design

Rabin Awal whipped up a rockin’ Bootstrap 3.2x Thumbnail Slider.


Boyutastic creation – boyu’s cool take on the thumbnail slider.

Narendra’s Thumbnail-slider

Feast your eyes on this awesome piece by Narendra.

Digistate Delight

Can’t miss digistate’s Pure CSS thumbnail slider (Horizontal ).

Ruslan’s Slick Slider

This slick slider by Ruslan is another must-see!

Cüneyd’s Thumbnail Slider

Cüneyd BÖLÜKOĞLU’s Thumbnail Slider has got some neat vibes!

Cory’s WIP

Cory Simmons is working on a WIP – Thumbnail Slider that’s already turning heads.

Camila’s Gallery

Camila Waz’s Gallery is as innovative as they come.

Michael Lewallen’s Slick Slider

One slick Vertical Thumbnail Slider by Michael Lewallen.’s Lightweight Thumbnail Slider

Love the simplicity of this Lightweight thumbnail slider by

Cokiepoison’s Slider

Take a look at this slider dengan thumnail by cokiepoison.

Jack’s Responsive Carousel

A responsive Thumbnail Gallery by Jack Cohle that’s worth checking out!

Stephen Hamill’s Flickity Instances

Stephen Hamill crafted Multiple Flickity Instances (basic and thumbnail slider) on same page.

Mehbub Hasan’s Thumbnail slider

Check out this amazing slider by Mehbub Hasan.

Anastasia Kas’ Thumbnail Slider

This jQuery responsive img thumbnail slider by Anastasia Kas is just wow!

Vlad Makrak’s Creation

Peep this Pen by Vlad Makrak.

Juyeon’s Owl-carousel

Love this owl-carousel thumbnail slider by Juyeon.

Ekilog’s Image Viewer

Don’t miss Ekilog’s Visionneuse d’images.

Jiya’s Owl Carousel

Jiya’s owl carousel thumbnail slider is an absolute must-see!

Jabeerbasha’s Smooth Operator

Keep your eyes peeled for this smooth operator brought to you by jabeerbasha. Thumbnail slider at its best!

Phviettu’s Carousel Magic

Ready for more? This Owl Carousel by phviettu is sure to charm. Thumbnail sliders never looked so good.

Takuto’s Bootstrap Brilliance

Takuto is on point with this slick Bootstrap3 slider. Trust me, you want to see this!

Chris Jahn’s Thumbnail Mastery

Check out this slider by Chris Jahn. It’s a perfect example of a well-executed thumbnail slider.

Ys Programmer’s Fitness Feast

Can you feel the burn? You will with Ys Programmer’s fitness gym slider. Get ready to sweat!

Vinh Tran’s Unique Creation

Vinh Tran brings us this unique design. It’s a fresh take on the thumbnail slider.

aholics’ Thumbnail Carousel

aholics has crafted a brilliant Bootstrap4 Thumbnail-Carousel. It’s truly a sight to behold.

Mayuri Sakpal’s Slider Showstopper

Mayuri Sakpal presents this masterpiece. It’s a showstopper, folks!

Nhlalala Shiburi’s Marvel

Check out this marvel by Nhlalala Shiburi. It’s the perfect finale to our slider extravaganza.

FAQ about thumbnail slider

What’s a thumbnail slider?

Ah, you’re curious about thumbnail sliders? These are essentially interactive display elements you see on many websites. They showcase a row or grid of small image previews, that’s the ‘thumbnail’ part, and then ‘slider’ indicates you can scroll or slide through them.

Often, when you click on a thumbnail, it’ll show a larger version of the same image. Really useful for stuff like photo galleries or product showcases.

How do I create a thumbnail slider?

Ready to get hands-on, eh? There are many ways you can create a thumbnail slider. If you’re a coder, you can use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or a library like jQuery.

If you’re more of a plug-and-play person, website builders like WordPress have plugins (think Slider Revolution, MetaSlider) that make the job a breeze. You simply install the plugin, add your images, and voila! Your thumbnail slider is ready to slide.

Can I customize my thumbnail slider?

Absolutely! Customization is the name of the game. Whether it’s the size, shape, and orientation of the thumbnails, the transition effects, or the behavior when clicked – it’s all up for grabs. Depending on the tool you’re using, you’ll have different levels of control.

But the potential for making your thumbnail slider truly unique is almost always there. Make it your own, my friend!

Are thumbnail sliders mobile-responsive?

Good question, considering how much browsing happens on mobile these days. Most thumbnail sliders, especially if you’re using a reputable plugin or library, are designed to be responsive.

That means they’ll adapt to the screen size, whether that’s a desktop, tablet, or smartphone. But it’s always good to double-check. We want every visitor, regardless of device, to enjoy smooth scrolling!

What’s the best plugin for a thumbnail slider on WordPress?

Now you’re speaking my language! WordPress offers a bunch of solid options. Slider Revolution is popular for its advanced features and customization options. MetaSlider is another favorite, being user-friendly and quite powerful.

Soliloquy also gets a lot of love for its speed and responsiveness. But ‘best’ can be subjective, so I’d suggest trying a few and seeing which one you jive with most.

How can I optimize thumbnail slider performance?

Performance, yes! You don’t want a laggy slider bogging down your page load times. Compressing your images before adding them is a key step – you want them looking crisp but not oversized.

Also, consider lazy loading, where images only load when they come into view. And finally, regularly updating your plugins or scripts can also help maintain optimal performance. Speed is king, after all!

Can I use videos in a thumbnail slider?

Intriguing idea, isn’t it? And yes, you absolutely can! Many modern slider tools allow you to include videos alongside (or instead of) images. You can often use links from video-sharing platforms like YouTube or Vimeo, or upload your own files.

It’s another engaging way to present your content, just be mindful of performance and load times!

How do I add a thumbnail slider to my website?

It’s easier than you might think. Once you’ve created your slider (either coding it yourself or using a plugin), you’ll typically embed it into your webpage using some kind of code snippet or shortcode.

If you’re using WordPress, it’s often as simple as copying and pasting the provided shortcode into the page where you want your slider to appear. Bam, you’re a web designer now!

Do thumbnail sliders affect SEO?

You bet! But it’s a bit of a mixed bag. On one hand, well-optimized sliders can improve user engagement and reduce bounce rates. That’s a thumbs up for SEO.

On the flip side, if your slider slows down your site or isn’t mobile-friendly, that could hurt your rankings. And remember, search engines can’t ‘see’ images, so always add relevant alt text for a little SEO boost.

Are thumbnail sliders accessible?

Important consideration! We want the web to be a welcoming place for everyone, right? Many slider tools are designed with accessibility in mind, offering features like keyboard navigation and screen reader compatibility. But, as with mobile-responsiveness, don’t just assume – check.

And remember, even with an accessible slider, it’s crucial to provide alt text for your images. Everybody should get to enjoy your slick new slider!

Wrapping It Up

Thumbnail sliders, when used right, are your ticket to engaging, user-friendly websites. It’s the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality, and guess what, it keeps visitors coming back for more. You can use them to showcase products, flaunt your portfolio, or share some visual storytelling.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all. Feel free to take inspiration from the works shared here, but don’t be afraid to put your own spin on your thumbnail slider. Make it reflect your unique brand identity and website goals. Embrace the potential of these dynamic elements, and unlock endless possibilities to create a visually stunning and engaging online presence. It’s your turn to captivate your audience and make your website stand out from the crowd!

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Thumbnail Slider Examples That Would Look Great On Your Website

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