Impressive Websites That Tell A Story (51 Examples)

Websites that tell a story are more engaging and help to boost the success of a brand's digital marketing campaigns.

Websites that tell a story are more engaging and help to boost the success of a brand’s digital marketing campaigns.

Storytelling has to do with sharing moral values through narratives that have a plot and characters. Storytelling websites use these same techniques to tell a compelling story about its:

●       Company

●       Product

●       Slogan

●       Culture

Storytelling website design includes visual cues like:

●       Animations

●       Images or graphics

●       Large text or titles

Most web designers also use scrolling animation websites to grab readers’ attention. While every visual story doesn’t need to be interactive it must be engaging. Why?

The answer is simple. If website visitors are bored by what they see, they are going to ignore your web design content and perhaps your brand.

What’s on-screen needs to grab their attention! Your visual story must not only be good, butit must also engage the imaginative mind of your audience.

Here’s a list of storytelling website examples to help you create a compelling storytelling website of your own.


Appealing Visual Storytelling Websites

Storytelling Website Template

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Pierre Herme Nicolas Buffe

Rightly first on this list, this website features immersive illustrations and compelling animations. It’s easy to get lost in the story as you explore the novel’s fantastical world.

This example features background music which causes the reader to feel what they read, making the novel more realistic.

The Boat

This is a game graphic novel website. Users experience the dangerous escape, with heroes from the Vietnam War, as they read the novel.

Opportunities for Our Avatars

This interactive website features chapter two of L’Atelier’s, “Social Mobility in the Digital Age.”

The life of Van Gogh

A long read about the work and life of Van Gogh.

Shanghai Old Town Vol.1

This site has a long landing page for promoting the ‘Shanghai Old Town’ book with unique storytelling and huge imagery.

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Junko’s Story

This one-page editorial revisits life as it was right after the atomic bomb hit Hiroshima in World War II.

This site demonstrates good attention to detail, e.g. the information hotspots with subtle textures.

This Side of Rice

Here’s a special one-pager from Jenny Zhang.  This storytelling website pays homage to the Chinese food she grew up with.

This horizontal scrolling website oozes elegance and passion. It features lovely illustrations and scattered text that reads like a traditional storybook.

The Depths She’ll Reach

This immersive multimedia website tells an amazing and inspiring story. It is Alenka Artnik’s story of obscurity, mental health struggles, and success as one of the world’s most elite athletes.

James Bond 007 Cars Evolution

Are you a James Bond movie fan? Here’s a simple website that transports you through time to see the evolution of the cars that were used by Bond in the movies.

Inception Explained

Here’s a website that explains the movie ‘Inception’. This immersive movie plot is explained using easy-to-read text and illustrations that take us through each dream level.

Event Websites That Tell a Story

Alpine Day

This is a good example of an event website that tells a visual story. It avoids fixed scrolling animations or other restrictive animations.

This makes the site’s layout simple so that the target audience can easily absorb all the information.

Storytelling Web Design For Wedding and Engagement Sites

Jess and Russ

This website has a main timeline that is useful to the reader for staying on track with the dates of each part of their journey.

Appealing Visual Storytelling Websites for Fashion

Borgo Veneto

This fashion studio storytelling website uses striking transition and hovering effects.

Visitors are engaged by the linear navigation on the left side of the screen which lets them read the studio’s stories and check its projects.

The visual storytelling, in this example, helps users choose whether this brand is the perfect fit for them.

Storytelling Website Design for Environmental and Socio-Economic Issues

Slavery Footprint

This website focuses on a topic that many do not know about or might choose to ignore, modern slavery.

Visual storytelling is used to help raise awareness of this issue.

Every Last Drop

This website promotes the wise use of the earth’s water resources. The site combines engaging animations with life facts that tell a story about daily water consumption.

Animals Australia

Abattoirs, chicken farms, and export ships often treat animals as objects. With this new engaging website, ‘Animals Australia’ can do more to lobby for change.

SABAR – The Malta Protests

This storytelling website is an archive of memories of the Malta protests of November 2019 through January 2020.

Plastic Air

Giorgia Lupi, Talia Cotton, and Phil Cox collaborated with Google Arts and Culture to tell this story.

Airborne microplastics are no joke, but the whole experience on the site is interactive and engaging.

This example was built by ‘Take On Wall Street’. This is a coalition of more than 50 groups hosted by ‘Americans for Financial Reform.’

The members of this organization have the shared goal of creating a financial system that benefits everyone.

Cultural Solutions

This is an excellent storytelling website that tackles cultural solutions innovatively. The template boasts a beautiful web design with subtle 3D effects.

Storytelling Website Examples for Marketing, Computer Science, and Finance


Many people produce content but not everyone knows how to tell a compelling story that gets consumers right “in the feels.”

Different stories are needed for different brands and Balzac is an agency that understands this. Hence, they specialize in telling brand stories that build customer loyalty.

Dunshire Production

When it comes to marketing, Dunshire Productions is the new kid on the block. However, this creative studio does an excellent job at telling brand stories that will make your imagination run wild.

Dunshire produces ad content and digital marketing campaigns for different brands. It also handles traditional TV spots and short-form digital content.


This bag shopping website is a good storytelling website example. It displays every detail of the company’s hottest products with a smart parallax scrolling design and narratives.


Delysium is the first playable AAA Blockchain game. It was created by an innovative team that specializes in AAA game development and Gaming AI.

This brand is rooted in science and the use of advanced, cutting-edge technologies to better humanity.

Play Studio designed Neuralink Corp’s visual language and website design to tell its story.


This metaverse company unites people together through interactive play. The rich digital worlds are social by design and created to last for decades.

PHOTON Experience

You can create a unique WebGL fiber from PHOTON. This is the AI system from Alibaba Cloud Neuro-Symbolic Lab.


This lab focuses on creating an ecosystem and tools that help the world better understand intelligent robotic systems. Its website uses storytelling to highlight this mission.

NVP 2021 Year in Review

NVP is the leading venture capital and equity investment firm on the market. Looking back into 2021, it celebrates another year of:

●       Insights

●       Momentum

●       Accolades, and more

Mi Banxico

This great example of a storytelling website was created for a Mexican bank. This bank offers educational and financial investments to schools and other organizations. Its website displays these offerings one by one using:

●       Micro-interactions

●       Icons

●       Colorful illustrations

●       Animations

More Examples of Websites That Tell a Story


Circa is the perfect example of a free no-code website builder. It’s the only assistant in website creation that you’ll need. Get started with ready-made design templates and create your dream site.

Le Commandant Charcot

This immersive website presents ‘Le Commandant Charcot’ from PONANT. This is a new hybrid-electric polar exploration vessel.


Take a look at Marcus Brown & Aristide Benoist’s stunning horizontal-scrolling one-pager. This website tells the visual story of the iconic 17th-century Amsterdam canals.

This single-page website oozes style with eye-catching on-scroll load transitions and typography.

Story of Santar

This example offers an immersive experience that would be a great fsite for children. It can also be used to tickle the imaginative mind of other audiences.


This immersive design offers users a one-page site with a variety of images, graphics, and animations.

It’s a very interactive and engaging visual experience that will stimulate your audience.

Chaletbau Matti

Here is the perfect example of a family-run company. This company has designed and built the finest chalets for 3 generations.

Based in Gstaad, their unique craft and rich legacy are recognizable through this storytelling website design.

Kontrapunkt Futures

Planning for the future is a core element of successful brands. This storytelling website is an online universe of speculation and dreaming based on research into the future.

Unacademy Recap 2021

This next web design idea is a recap of all the impactful launches that made online learning more fun, personal, comprehensive, and social.

Time Wasted At Work

This storytelling website targets people employed in office settings. It’s about time-wasting, so it is easy to access with no restrictive scrolling or annoying interactive elements.

Domaine Glinavos

This is a storytelling website that presents 8 reasons for people to choose Domaine Glinavos’s Greek wine brand. It is a minimalist design so it will work well on mobile devices.

Digital Curator

Here’s a non-profit project for making art collections more inspiring for everyone. The app uses artificial intelligence to help you explore artworks from European museums.

A2A Luce

A2A Luce is a wonderful example of a storytelling website that interestingly uses a lot of text. The design keeps users engaged with graphics and smooth animations between sections.

Live To Change

This storytelling website design includes a lot of facts, combined with cool graphics and effects, to keep things interesting.

Vectron Biosolution

Vectron Biosolutions designs protein production processes for its customers. This is achieved by using proprietary expression technologies to engineer bespoke bacterial strains.


Almost everyone loves mascots. Mascots help a brand to:

●       Impress its users

●       Build its image

●       Communicate with consumers

Using the power of mascots in web/app design is Popitas’s main focus.

January Third | The 2021 Story

In celebration of their second year as a creative agency, ‘January Third’ built a weird, but fun, website.

This storytelling website design documents the people, projects, and milestones that made 2021 its best year yet.

Better Up Future-Minded Leader

Research from BetterUp shows how organizations can prepare themselves for the uncertain future.

Happy Christmas from KDC

With this appealing visual storytelling website, KDC sent out a unique Christmas message to their customers.


This is a fantastic and unique demonstration of how a website can be used to tell a story.

Nomadic Tribe

Do you want to create an exciting single-page website that raises the bar on interactivity? Draw inspiration from this unique, interactive theme.

De Bijenkorf magical forest

This branded commerce design for the Bijenkorf uses a bee to take you on an amazing adventure through a virtual forest.

Conclusion on Websites That Tell a Story

More content doesn’t always mean more engagement, so building a beautiful website with lots of images and text is not enough. Attention must be given to how these elements are used.

Visual narrative improves the user’s whole experience and the likelihood of them supporting the brand. This is why wise developers build websites that tell a story.

So, don’t be shy! Use the visual storytelling ideas in this list as inspiration for your next web design project.

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Impressive Websites That Tell A Story (51 Examples)

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