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Version 6.6 is the biggest and most powerful update for the Slider Revolution visual editor, which we have built in the last few years and we are excited to finally present it to you.

Useful New Layout Possibilities

Deceptively simple changes that open up a whole new world of dynamic layout functionality. You are going to love this!
We completely reworked and improved Slider Revolutions carousel engine. Smoother animations and amazing capabilities await!

10 Stunning New Templates

Showcasing the new core features and “The Cluster” particle addon. Enhanced with fabulous, AI-generated imagery.

A brief overview of what awaits you inSlider Revolution 6.6

Alongside many bugfixes, there are amazing new features that make the Slider Revolution WordPress page builder, bigger, better and more flexible.

Automatically Host Google Fonts On Your Own Server For Easier GDPR Compliance

The GDPR laws in the European Union can be difficult to navigate.
With a few clicks, you can now host and pre-cache ALL Google Fonts that are being used in your Slider Revolution modules, on your own server.
With Slider Revolution, there is no need for your website visitors to manually opt-in the loading of Google Fonts.

The “Cache Fonts Locally” feature makes Google Fonts, used in Slider Revolution, fully GDPR compliant!

Learn How To Use This Feature

Create Interesting Layouts With Groups & Columns

When you open up the Slider Revolution WordPress Visual Editor 6.6 for the first time, the new layout creation opportunities might not immediately jump out at you.

But be sure to look closer, because these seemingly small changes unlock a mighty range of layout design pathways!

Visit The 6.6 Layout Guide

A Much Smoother Carousel With Vertical Layout Option

Create the most mindblowing, advanced animations, with 3D rotation effects and other stunning Slider Revolution carousel features.

Check out this mouth-watering restaurant website template, built with just one carousel module:

Check Out The Köstlich Carousel Template

Create Interactive, 3D Particle Clusters With “The Cluster” Addon

If you’re looking for a sleek, interactive particles animation for your WordPress website, this Slider Revolution template surely is a unique eye-catcher. The cluster addon allows for localized particle effects with immense customization and interaction potential.

A WordPress particles effect that’s ready-to-go in minutes!

See “The Cluster” In Action

The Complete One-Page Website Template, Not Just For Architects

The architecture website template offers a modern, visually appealing one-page layout with flexible customization options.

Whether you want to build a WordPress architecture website or a photography website, this template shines with its flexible modules and optional Slider Revolution lightbox functionality.

Preview The Architecture Template

Fly High With This Perfect Parallax Slider Solution

Gorgeous visuals and clear typography, paired with scroll-based slide navigation, make this WordPress parallax slider template a winner for a wide range of use cases.

Compliment your WordPress website with a striking hero slideshow like the Artistic Parallax Slider. The flexible text and image layers are customized in minutes with Slider Revolutions intuitive, visual editor.

Explore This Template

The WordPress Post Slider With Superhero Powers

This amazing Slider Revolution post slider can display static and dynamic WordPress content. Display your blog posts automatically or add your texts and images manually!

Have your WordPress featured post slider setup in minutes!

Become A WordPress Superhero

The Futuristic Sci-Fi Slider

This is not your average WordPress slider with text and image. Wild, AI-generated images paired with crisp & snappy animations make this Slider Revolution template a winner!

If you are still looking for a unique WordPress slider with text navigation, this template might be what you’re looking for!

Follow The White Rabbit

The Highlight Of Your Magazine Website

This WordPress content slider can display any static content or your dynamic WordPress posts.

Like any element in this featured slider template, the optional menu can easily be removed if it’s not needed.

Check Out This Template

A Colorful & Engaging Video Slider

The WordPress Video Slider template for Slider Revolution offers a cinematic video viewing experience.

With it’s stylish, blurred background videos and a video player modal, this template is a fitting hero module choice for many websites.

Watch This Cool Presentation

The Highlight Of Your Magazine Website

This WordPress content slider can display any static content or your dynamic WordPress posts.

Like any element in this featured slider template, the optional menu can easily be removed if it’s not needed.

Check Out This Template

The Photo Gallery Slider Of Your Dreams

This masonry gallery template for Slider Revolution has three different masonry layouts, which can be mixed & matched and are easily customized.

The headline and description captions make this template very flexible, with many use cases.

You Will Love This Gallery

A WooCommerce Featured Products Slider

Your online shop products deserve the most convincing presentation possible!

The Sneaker WooCommerce Slider for Slider Revolution offers professional visuals, with advanced transitions and flexble content options. It comes as a static version, as seen in the preview, and a dynamic WooCommerce version that will automatically load your desired products.

Preview This Pure Awesomeness

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