Hands Down The Best WordPress Video Slider Plugin

Build incredible full-page video slideshows for your WordPress website with Slider Revolution. No professional coding or video editing skills needed.

Turn Any Web Page From Meh to WOW
With These Slider Video Templates

Slider Revolution isn’t your typical video slider WordPress plugin. That’s because it’s more than a video editor or embedder. It comes with more than 250 pre-built templates that will make your site look like it took months and tens of thousands of dollars to design.

If you’re interested in creating impressive video and mixed media slideshows in WordPress, start with one of these slider video templates:

👉 Note: You can add video to any slider template. These are just some examples to show you how great your video slider can look!

How To
Create A Video Slider With Slider Revolution

See how easy it is to create your own video slider in Slider Revolution:

Step 1: Create a new module from template

While you can design video sliders from-scratch, it’s much easier to start with a template

Step 2: Replace the template videos

Go through the slides and replace the video content with your choice of YouTube, Vimeo, or MP4 files

Step 3: Customize the slider content

Everything in your slider can be customized to the fullest using Slider Revolution’s no-code, visual editor

Step 4: Do a responsive check

View your slider as visitors will on their notebook, tablet, and smartphone screens and make edits as needed

Step 5: Preview your video slider

When you’re done, open the preview and test out your video slides to make sure they look and work exactly as you want

Step 6: Add the slider to any WordPress page

Go to your page and add your slider video module with the Slider Revolution block or shortcode

Advanced video
Editing And Styling You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

Wish you could do more with video content in WordPress? Slider Revolution comes with all sorts of professional video editing tools.

Customize Slider Settings

Control everything about the slider — if it rotates or loops, how fast the animation speed is, how long each slide appears, and so on.

Add A Colorful Video Overlay

Apply semi-transparent overlays to your videos and add a pop up color without the need for video editing software.

Apply Different Transitions

Add personality, tell a story, or up the wow factor with slider transitions — use a preset animation or create your own.

Change The Navigation Style

Use a mix of arrows, bullets, thumbnails, tabs, or progress bars to help website visitors control the pace of the video slider.

Make The Slider Accessible

Make your slider fully responsive and accessible by enabling touch, keyboard, and mouse controls for navigation and engagement.

Turn It Into A Scroll Video

Convert your videos into individual frames that reveal themselves one-by-one as users scroll up and down the page.

Learn how to
Customize Slider Video Templates Like A Pro

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the more common questions we get about our WordPress video slider:

Slider Revolution is a video slider WordPress plugin that enables you to create content-rich hero sections, sliders, carousels, and even entire websites. Everything from the home page hero image to the 404 error page can be designed using Slider Revolution.

See examples of what you can create with Slider Revolution.

For starters, Slider Revolution has more than 250 pre-built templates you can start from. There are new designs and concepts being added all the time.

Plus, you can add video to any template, so that gives you at least 250 ways to create a video content slider of your own and in record time.

Video sliders can help you show off all kinds of content — on your web pages, in your WordPress posts, on product pages, and so much more. For instance:

  • Portfolio work
  • Live events
  • Sale announcements
  • Technical explanations
  • Product variations
You can also use a video slider to provide atmosphere for your WordPress site or concept. And with Slider Revolution, you can layer images on top of videos to create completely different landscapes and worlds.

You can add it in one of three ways:

  • Look for the Slider Revolution block in your page builder and select the video slider you want to add to the page.
  • Copy the module’s shortcode under the “Embed” options from the Slider Revolution dashboard. Then add it to a shortcode widget on your page.
  • You can also get the shortcode from Module Options and then add it to your shortcode widget.
Learn more about adding Slider Revolution modules to WordPress.

All of the Slider Revolution templates are 100% responsive. However, if you make any major changes to the size or position of the layers in the template or you add new ones, you’ll want to use the responsive editing tools in Slider Revolution before publishing your slider.

Learn more about adding Slider Revolution modules to WordPress.

Not at all! Slider Revolution is a visual builder that offers a variety of tools to help you customize and perfect your designs:

  • A drag-and-drop visual canvas and editor.
  • A timeline editor that depicts in what order your layers appear and when they appear.
  • A top toolbar that enables you to move in and out of the different pieces of the module, make responsive edits, undo and redo changes, and more.
  • A sidebar that gives you full control over the module, each slide, every layer’s settings, as well as the navigation.
Get to know the module editor.

Video slider WordPress plugins tend to be simple in nature. They either give you the ability to embed video slideshows from platforms like YouTube or Vimeo or to create basic slideshows with your own video files. Either way, your options are limited and there’s not a lot of customization you can do.

That’s why Slider Revolution is one of the best video slider plugins (if not, the best). It’s like professional video editing software that lives inside of WordPress. Whatever you imagine creating, you can do it with Slider Revolution without professional coding or video editing experience.

You have three ways of adding video to your slider:

  • Import from YouTube
  • Import from Vimeo
  • Upload an HTML5 (MP4) file

Nothing. All of our templates are included in the cost of a Slider Revolution license.

It does. Not only does this mean that your slider plugin will remain up-to-date, but you’ll always have access to the newest pre-built slider templates.

If you run into issues with Slider Revolution, self-help and ticketed support options are available.